Body Oil: Which Body Oil is the Best? +2023

With a body oil, the skin can be cared for particularly intensively. But which body oil is rich in nutrients and what is the best way to use it?

Not only in winter does our skin tend to dry out. You can use as much body lotion as you like and still not get rid of the exciting feeling. An alternative to normal cream is body oil, which not only immediately improves the skin’s feel, but also achieves a long-lasting effect of soft skin.

What is dry body oil?

Dry oil – sounds strange at first. After all, you don’t necessarily associate something liquid with something dry. You should literally not take dry body oil. The meaning behind the name is quite simple: body oil is usually very greasy and often takes care of you sleazy movie on the skin. This should be different with drying oil, because it contains other oils, such as isopropyl palmitate, which are absorbed into the skin more quickly than vegetable oils and, above all, paraffin oil, which is found in some skin oils. However, many drying oils now also contain vegetable oils, so that rapid absorption cannot always be guaranteed.

How drying oil can work in the skin? Thanks to the antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins it contains, our skin is optimally cared for. So not only does dry skin benefit from it, but also mature skin, which thus gains more elasticity. But this is also due to the application, because if you massage the oil gently into the skin, it becomes stimulated blood flowwhich in turn can ensure even firmer skin.

What is the best body oil?

Not every body oil has the same nourishing effect. The main task of the body oil is above all that intensive care of our skinthat has been damaged by dry heating air or too much sunlight. In order to achieve the result of soft skin, some manufacturers also use supposedly beneficial ingredients, which only have a superficial effect and do not achieve any improvement in the epidermis. Therefore, always pay attention to good ingredients such as essential or vegetable oils. We will now show you which care oil suits which skin best.

For dry skin

If you have dry skin, you can use an oil that contains vegetable oils, because they donate a lot together humidity. The “Beautiful Skin Body Oil” by Garnier consists of four beauty oils: argan, macadamia, almond and rose. Together they work deep in the skin and help it to natural protective barrier build up so that the moisture can no longer escape so easily. It is also promised that the oil moves in quickly and leaves no greasy film on the skin.

For mature skin

Mature skin needs a little more intensive care. The Primavera care oil with macadamia nut oil has a smoothing and firming effect, as the oil supports the skin’s ability to regenerate. Also are skin-related fatty acids contained, which can be ideally absorbed and processed by the skin. A massage is also worthwhile here, as mature skin often lacks the elasticity that can be improved by stimulating blood circulation.

During pregnancy

To keep the skin beautiful during pregnancy stretchy a good oil is needed to keep it going. Ökotest has already tested some oils itself and came to the conclusion that, among other things, Primavera wheat germ oil very suitable for pregnant women. It maintains not only the skin during pregnancy, but also afterwards. A pleasant massage with the body oil also stimulates blood circulation.

more, with “very good” excellent body oils of the test are:

With a good smell

Who doesn’t want to smell nice? A wish that goes with that “Huile Prodigieuse” by Nuxe can be fulfilled. The classic oil is not only for its caring, nourishing and repairing properties known. The fragrance mixture of flowery, fruity and exotic make the oil so popular. A big There is a plus for the ingredientsbecause the product is free of parabens, paraffins, silicones, sulfates and is also vegan.

With shimmer

Sometimes there may be a little shimmer. Especially in summer, when we can present our great legs in all their glory, a little shine doesn’t hurt. It even helps to show off our legs even more so that they become an absolute eye-catcher. The “The Rituals of Karma Body Shimmer Oil” by Rituals not only offers elegant shimmerwhen you apply the oil, but also a light scent that lingers on freshly showered smells – simply wonderful!

Is there a body oil test from Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has tested body oils, but back in 2015. At that time, Argahain Pure Organic Argan Oil was the most convincing and was given a straight two as a grade. That was also found to be good dr Hauschka Rose Body Oil and the aroma care oil coconut from dm/Alverde.

Has Ökotest tested Body Oil?

Ökotest also tested Body Oils and rated almost all of the 21 tested oils as “good” or “very good”. Only one failed because of the mineral oil hydrogen it contained: Fenjal Body Oil.

The following body oils, among others, were convincing:

What is body oil good for?

for one rich care of the skin body oil is perfect. Dry skin can benefit the most from this, because the moisturizing effect of a body oil improves the condition of the skin in the long term. Dry oil can not only be used on the body, but also wins in the facial or hair care more and more fans. Brittle hair ends can benefit from an oil treatment just as much as our skin. They not only shine more again, but are also protected from external influences, since oil – whether skin or hair – is coated and a kind protective layer forms. Many body oils can also be used for hair care.

How do you use a body oil?

Using Body Oil is simple. In order to achieve the least greasy result possible, it is best to use the oil directly after showering or bathing on the still damp skin. You can also care for yourself directly in the shower with the body oil and then gently dab the skin with a towel.

who himself while bathing If you want to pamper yourself, you can add a few drops of a vegetable oil such as almond oil, avocado oil or argan oil to the water. Afterwards your skin will be at least as soft.

For one double care effect you can also use your usual body lotion or body butter first and then rework it with the body oil. Thus, the moisture given by the cream is kept on the skin because the oil, as already mentioned, forms a protective layer.

Oil or cream – which is better?

Of course, you always look for the best for yourself. After all, you should take care of your body treat like a temple, the best is only the least for you. When it comes to skin care, too, you want to do everything right, which is why you often ask yourself what is better for you – body oil or cream? However, the question cannot be answered in general terms. For dry skin, a body oil or a two-step care with body lotion is definitely the best choice. Sensitive skin can also benefit from it. But the question of “what is better?” also has to do with that personal feeling to do. For example, if you don’t like the consistency of oil on your skin, one is rich body lotion certainly the better choice. It can also have a moisturizing effect and thus build up the moisture balance of your skin. Many creams also contain panthenol, which is known not only to benefit dry skin, but also more sensitive ones.

Does body oil dry out the skin?

In general, body oil does not dry out our skin. However, there is one oil that should not be used on very dry and blemish-prone skin: coconut oil has a good reputation for several years. It is not only supposed to stimulate hair growth, but also makes teeth whiter and the skin more velvety. But the oil is not quite as miraculous. Since it only acts superficially and no deep-acting moisture donates, it provides a for the skin types mentioned above deterioration of condition. Means that the skin either dries out even more because no new moisture can be absorbed once the oil sits on our skin. Or that more and more impurities form because the skin cannot breathe. Therefore, care should be taken to use the right oil, especially for acne-prone skin. A suitable example here is vitamin oil very good for skin care.

How long does the skin oil last?

You can tell how long a product will last by looking at one symbol on the product packaging. A jar with a number and a large M on it tells you how many months after opening the oil can still be used.

How do you dispose of body oil?

Neither wax nor oil belongs in any quantity down the drain or toilet. They can clog the pipes and cause problems in the sewage treatment plant. If you have body oil left over and no longer want to use it, then dispose of it in the packaging with the residual waste.

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