Perfume bestseller at Amazon: The 3 most popular fragrances

Perfume bestseller at Amazon: The 3 most popular fragrances +2023

Perfume bestseller on Amazon These three scents are enveloping us right now

Perfume bestseller on Amazon: Young woman uses perfume

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Are you still looking for a fragrance for summer? Then there is definitely something for you among the perfume bestsellers from Amazon.

Whether as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday or just in between for yourself – the perfect perfume is always a good idea. But how do you find a scent that coveted is and for sure well received? You look at the bestsellers, because shops like Amazon and Flaconi know what their users like best. BRIGITTE will show you which perfumes are part of it and which are currently leading the rankings on Amazon.

Smelling good is a basic need for many. Of course, this includes good personal hygiene, but you can also help with perfumes if you don’t like the natural body scent. It is sprayed on for them complete development of the fragrance components on the wrist, at the hairline, along the neck and on any other part of the body where the pulse can be felt particularly well.

1. Perfume bestseller on Amazon: CALVIN KLEIN ck one

It is currently enjoying great popularity “ck one” by CALVIN KLEIN. The scent is because of his citric aroma suitable for both women and men and ensures a proper freshness kick when spraying. Green tea, bergamot and cardamom can be found in the top note, while violet, rose and nutmeg reside in the heart. The base note concludes with ambergris and musk, giving the iconic fragrance its distinctive features.

2. Perfume orderer at Amazon: JOOP! Le Bain

The eau de parfum “Le Bain” by JOOP! is not only a soft, but also a very warm fragrance. The oriental touch gets the perfume through the variety of rich fragrance components. The base notes are amber, musk, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla, while the heart of the scent is jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, sandalwood and cedar. The perfume pyramid is completed with bergamot, orange blossom and lemon in the top note.

3. Perfume orderer at Amazon: NIVEA SUN

The scent of summer – Hardly any perfume transports the feeling of sun on the skin as well as NIVEA SUN, the perfume that smells like the iconic brand’s famous sunscreen. Not much is known about the fragrance pyramid: the base note contains powdery accords, the heart consists of flowers and there are green notes in the head. Overall, a warm scentwhich not only smells like summer, but also like security and wellbeing. A perfume for the nose and for the soul.

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