Kabuki brush: why you need to know this beauty tool

Kabuki brush: why you need to know this beauty tool +2023

Kabuki brush Why you should definitely have this beauty tool

Kabuki brush

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The Kabuki brush should not be missing in any make-up routine. We will tell you here what makes the brush special and what it can be used for.

In traditional Japanese theater, the so-called kabuki theater, elaborate make-up is the order of the day. And this is exactly where the Kabuki brush got its name from. Because in order to create the extremely made-up faces of the actors, a very special, bushy brush that can apply make-up in layers with precision has been used for ages – the Kabuki brush. Its use can now be found all over the world. And not without reason. We explain what the make-up tool can do.

What does a Kabuki brush look like?

At a Kabuki brush, which is also called Buffer or Buffer Blush, is a make-up brush with a round, flat and extremely voluminous head. Its brush hairs are usually out in high-quality specimens human hair or taklon (polyester fibers), are very close together and are firmer and more stable than other make-up brushes. It is striking that the handle of the kabuki is usually short and wide and often only consists of a kind of knob. There are also specimens where you can slide the brush head out of the handle and thus vary its strength and make-up properties.

What can the Kabuki brush do?

A brush is not just a brush. What is shown in the painting is also important when it comes to make-up and the application of make-up. The Kabuki brush has the property of being able to take up large quantities of powder – whether loose or pressed – and distribute it evenly on the skin. It is therefore able to create a completely natural, even finish. However, because you can apply multiple layers with the Kabuki brush, it’s also possible to create a more muted, mask-like look.

What kind of makeup can you apply with the Kabuki brush?

The Kabuki brush is particularly well suited for applying dry powder textures. powder foundationbronzer, highlighter – all of this can be perfectly blended with the Kabuki. However, due to its solid structure, it can also be used as a blending tool for liquid make-up.

Here’s how it works: Apply highlighter

Kabuki brush: the right application

When using the Kabuki brush for the first time, you will surely be surprised at how much powder the brush can hold. It is therefore advisable to only put a small amount of powder on the brush at the beginning. This works best if you try to carefully pick up a little powder with just the tip or upper curve of the brush.

When using loose powder, you should tap the brush lightly before running it across your face. Then you can stroke your face with generous circular movements. It is best to start on the nose, go over the cheeks to the ears and then go over the forehead, chin and neck.

If the opacity isn’t enough for you after this first round of application, repeat everything again. Working in layers works particularly well with the Kabuki brush. So you can easily create a completely natural day make-up or conjure up a more intensive make-up for the evening.

How it works: Remove self-tanner

What should I look out for when buying a kabuki brush?

In general, if you buy make-up brushes, you should definitely pay attention to the quality and not choose the first, cheapest offer. Cheaply made brushes often lose hair when applying make-up, are scratchy or fray quickly. All this is rather a hindrance when applying make-up and is no fun.

Make sure the kabuki brush is as dense as possible. It is precisely its volume that makes the kabuki so special. It’s good if you can test the brush before you buy it. Despite its strength, it should be as soft and comfortable on the skin as possible.

Kabuki brushes are not exactly the cheapest make-up utensils. A good, reasonably high-quality example can be had for around 30 euros. Here it is worthwhile to look specifically for offers. The investment will be worth it: good kabuki brushes are considered to be particularly durable.

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