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Different hair colors DIY

Master: SVETLANA “KLIM” KLIMENKO Model: SVETLANA photo: LERA / MITYA / KSUSHA Hair dye: Koleston Perfect Very different hair color work. Green, blue, dark blond, brown ash. Each hair color. Of course, this is...

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Red Hair Retro Style DIY

Master: Lopukhina Jeanne Model: Glinski NATALIA Photo: JULIA buffoons Achieved staining Koleston Perfect 6 \ 43 6%, followed by a relaxing washing line SP (for okr.volos), stabilization of color. Enabling products.Dry hair, perform cheat on...

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Hair and wire DIY

Master: NATASHA Model Elina Photo: It looks a little ridiculous. 🙂 I know, but you can try. We are attach a frame made of wire in the shape of a heart, painted with his...

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Copper Red Medium Hair Style DIY

Master Eugene (Olympic) Burhan Model: TATIANA Photo: EUGENE (Olympic) Bukhari Models are made solely on products Wella. Before painting the model were lightened hair …. (Powder Blondor Wella) Shades of staining: basic tone-88/43 +...

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Brown Wavy Hair DIY

Master Kirill Model: LISA photo: Sasha Hair Dye : Wella Koleston Perfect Color: Color Touch 55.07 (general tone), Koleston 7.3 (locks) Staling mousse Wella Professional

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Very Short Hairstyle diy Blonde

Master Eugene (Olympic) Burhan Model: Anastasia photo: EUGENE (Olympic) Bukhari Models are made solely on products Wella. Model for cutting and staining …… Before painting the model were lightened hair …. (Powder Blondor Wella)...

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Before: Dark Blonde After: Red-Copper

Master: CATHERINE TIKHONOVA Model: KIRA ALEXANDROVA Photo: Jack SOSNOVA Getting started with painting. Use wella koleston perfect (88 \ 43) – for the pitch. Wella koleston perfect intensiv red (55 \ 44) – to...

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Black Short Hair Style DIY

Master: Olesya Model: Polina photo: Katya Working in mixed style –   Colouring: Before painting the model were lightened in section 2 N.Z.Z and bangs in the area …))) Powder Blondor Wella Then, the...

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Red-Pink Hair Dye DIY

  Master: Panyushkin Oksana Model: Kochenkova MASHA photo: MAXIM NAZEMTSEV Wear hair care line from Wella Professionals. Shampoo for colored coarse hair and a series of Brilliance. Cream mask for colored coarse hair the same...

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Short black hair with blonde highlights DIY

Master: MARIA Khairullina Model: DIANA Photo: MOSAICO Confidence and courage, elegance and style, nobility and beauty. Original Color: 5.0 root ends 5.77 Colouring: locks 10.38 Dyeing: 2.0 basic color Select a lock on the...