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Before: Black After: Red Hair Dye Formula

a very nice red color. Does your hair color black? You can apply this process. This red color more intense. When you wash your hair, this hair dye flows.[xt_go_advt_1]FORMULA: 2 tubes red 1 tube...

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Brown hair with caramel highlights DIY

Master: Sonia Model: Julia photo: Anna A hair dyeing at home. In fact, the application is quite simple. Enough to look at the photos. Wella Koleston Perfect %6 (20 vol)+ KP 8/71 [xt_go_advt_1] [xt_go_advt_2]

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short blonde hair style DIY

Master: Evgenia Romanova Model: Allan Photo: Vladimir Levin Trend Lumina, attracts daring and futuristic mood. on pre-bleached hair powder Blondor Wella + 9%, on dry hair toning Color Touch 8/81 + 0/45 + 4%...

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Glamazon Hair DIY

Master: Lopukhina Jeanne Model: KIM CATHERINE Photo: JULIA buffoons This work in the trend “Glamazon” and adapted for everyday life, salon client. Pre-staining: PT 6 / 77,6 / 57 + 4%, Mg 89 +...

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Before:Dark Blonde After: Brown DIY

  Master: VITALIY KOSHEVOY Model: KARINA Photos: MASHA SHOLOHOVA The myth of the Amazons came not only in epic poetry, but also became a cult in the lifestyle of the modern woman. Special thanks...

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Before: Brown After Black DIY

Master: Arthur dosa Model: ELENA SILENCE Photo: Camilla This work was trending Polaris   The original hair color: 6/0 Select the area for clarification. Lighter ends after 20 minutes put on korni.Vremya Exposure 40min...

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Medium ash blonde hairstyles DIY

The original color of the hair: the roots – 7/0, length and ends – 8/0 Color Touch Crystal Gloss by Wella Professionals gives hair lasting shine in just 5 minutes. The original hair color...

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Before:Medium Brown – After: Red

  Very beautiful red hair color. I think this is a very successful hair dyeing process. The original natural hair color – 6/0 1. Koleston Perfect – a unique creamy paint with 100% covering...

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Dark Brown Ombre DIY

Koleston Perfect – a unique creamy paint with 100% covering power, improved formula to create more saturated bright colors and new technology TRILUXIV. Mix the CD 4 / + 5/07 + 6% (Welloxon Perfect)....

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Before: Blonde After: irish-red Color DIY

Master: BY OLYA VOSTRIKOVA Model: LARISA LAPUSTINA Photo: JULIAT Coloring in bright red shades range of self-confident girls and … a great way to add certainty to those to whom it is not enough....