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How to long wavy hair

Your wavy hair that is very easy to make it appear brighter. You can do this in your home alone. , Just a few ingredients. Curling irons, hair mousse. how to do? on the...

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Very Short Hairstyle diy Blonde

Master Eugene (Olympic) Burhan Model: Anastasia photo: EUGENE (Olympic) Bukhari Models are made solely on products Wella. Model for cutting and staining …… Before painting the model were lightened hair …. (Powder Blondor Wella)...

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Short black hair with blonde highlights DIY

Master: MARIA Khairullina Model: DIANA Photo: MOSAICO Confidence and courage, elegance and style, nobility and beauty. Original Color: 5.0 root ends 5.77 Colouring: locks 10.38 Dyeing: 2.0 basic color Select a lock on the...

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Short hair design diy ombre

Master: Evgenia Romanova Model: Anna Photo: Vladimir Levin Polaris, uncompromising clarity of line, color, look, everything attracts attention. Dye their hair, the main color Color Touch 2/8 + 9/03 + 1,9% (40g + 10g...

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short blonde hair style DIY

Master: Evgenia Romanova Model: Allan Photo: Vladimir Levin Trend Lumina, attracts daring and futuristic mood. on pre-bleached hair powder Blondor Wella + 9%, on dry hair toning Color Touch 8/81 + 0/45 + 4%...

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Rollers Hair Style Diy

Master: Popov LARISSA Model: SVETLANA photo: Dasha and Kuanysh Hair should be slightly damp to create a styling. Is your hair long and straight? Maybe curly hair can look good on you. You can...

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Hair trends haircuts bobs

I love the bob haircut. Often weak women prefer this hair style. I tried to choose different haircut. I especially love peach hair color too.More shiny and it looks great. You can try this hair style...

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Hair trends haircuts long

Is your hair long? Long haircuts are usually natural looking. I chose long hair styles in different styles. Some wavy hair styles, some straight. I love you more wavy hair. Hair color is also...

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How to get long wavy hair

Master: Sergey Terekhov Model: DIANA Akol’zin Photo: Anja BAZHENOV We use Wella Professionals Long and wavy hair is always nice. In fact, the application is simple. Photos explanatory. Step by step show. [xt_go_advt_1] [xt_go_advt_2]

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Short Hair Styles for Christmas party 2016

A new year 2016. The year 2016 will be a better year for the world. I chose a very beautiful hairstyles for you (short hair) have different hair colors. Peach, pink, purple, blonde, brown,...