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Ash Blonde Hair Dye on Black Hair

In this article, I want to share some hair coloring – pre and post – shared in social media. Women with black hair or dark-brown hair color are usually afraid of being blonde. Here...

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Ash Blonde – Hair Saloon

Ash blonde hair color: This hair color, which is very popular between 2000 and 2015, is not much preferred in recent years. There are a few reasons for this. Ash blond hair color; 1-...

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Before: Ombre Hair Now: Ash Blonde

Natural depth: 6/0 Colour A: 30g Illumina Color 6/76 + 30g Illumina Color 5/7 + 6% Welloxon Perfect Colour B: 30g Illumina Color 7/7 + 30g Illumina Color 6/19 + 6% Welloxon Perfect Colour...

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Wella koleston perfect Ash Blonde DYE

Today we Went from orange to silver! ❤️-???? Color Wella koleston perfect: roots 7/1 + 7/0 3%, lightener with foils 10 on each side + 12 foils in the back of the head, finished...

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Intense Ash Blonde Hair Color

Are you a white skin? This hair color can show you a little pale. Makeup as you need to use brighter colors. I think it looks very nice Intense ash blonde hair color both...

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Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde hair color is preferred. Because the natural color and easy to use. You can use it as highlights. Or you can mix with different hair dyes. 8.1- 9.1- 11.1 10.1- can use...

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Ash Blonde Golden Highlights

Does your hair color ash yellow? You can make gold highlights to make your hair more shiny and sparkly. I chose a few different photos. I think it looks very nice.

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Ash Blonde 2015

I love the ash blonde hair color. In particular, many women use in Europe and America. It can also be used as ombre hair color or highlights. Hair dyes are 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 10.1,...

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Ash Blonde Hair Salon

I chose to do the ashy hair color in hair salon. Hair of the previous version (unpainted version) and you can see after the state of the paint.

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Ash Blonde – instagram

I chose the ash blonde hair color. Ash lot of women prefer the blonde hair color. The reasons are: 1- natural looks. 2. Many according to skin color. 3- You can use women of...