We will probably buy this Ikea blanket in pairs because it is ideal for the wave of polar cold and also, it is cheap (it costs less than 6 euros) +2023

The cold this year has been long in coming, but it has come with enthusiasm and hand in hand with soaring prices on the electricity bill, therefore, having allies such as the blanket that we signed today at Ikea has become a basic necessity purchase.

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We talk about quite a find not only because of the most obvious practical issue, protecting us from the cold while we binge-watch Netflix on the sofa, but also because of its cheap price (so much so that it makes you want to buy more than one and more than two… ).


It’s about this Evaluatewith a tasty fabric -yes, finite, it is not the thickest in the catalogue- that we find in cream, super easy to combine with any other textile in the house, for only 5.99 euros.

EVALI Throw, off-white, 130x170 cm

EVALI Throw, off-white, 130×170 cm

also in gray


We insist, it is so cheap that we do not rule out getting two and in order not to repeat ourselves, we have it in a dark gray color. Whether staying with both or sharing one with someone is personal. Available in Ikea for 5.99 euros.

EVALI Throw, dark grey, 130x170 cm

EVALI Throw, dark grey, 130×170 cm

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