Ryan Reynolds’ partner in Wrexham broke down in tears as fans sang him and Ryan in one song +2023

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are having a great time as owners of Wrexham FC. The Welsh football club and its fans are also very happy about their new owners. In addition to positioning themselves as owners, these two stars also spend a lot of time with their team and its fans.

Rob McElhenney was recently at a pub with the club’s supporters where he had the opportunity to see the Declan Swans perform a beautiful song which made him emotional. But what was the song about?

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have a song to their name

While McElhenney joined the club’s fans to watch the performance, little did he know that he would end up crying for several minutes during the performance. The song the band played is titled “It’s Always Sunny in Wrexham”. It was a song about Ryan Reynolds and his takeover of the club and how happy the fans were with the move.

Corresponding Speak sportsas the band played the lines “No one spent a dime, bring Deadpool and Rob McElhenney.” McElhenney got emotional. In fact, he was so overwhelmed with emotion and had to wipe his tears away while drawing at the moment. He was so overwhelmed by the gesture that he tweeted the tune with the caption: ‘they will play this at my funeral’.

As everyone in the club swam to the song, McElhenney wiped away tears. Also, the hit FX documentary called Welcome to Wrexham, filmed by McElhenney and Reynolds uses it often.

Reynolds and McElhenney are indeed working towards the development of the club. For example, it was just last month that the Dead Pool star successfully persuaded the committee to authorize the construction of a substantial new stand as part of an £18m refurbishment of the stadium’s athletic facilities for Welsh football.

Wrexham is currently third in the National League. On Tuesday they play Maidenhead United.

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What do you think of the tributes fans gave to the owners?

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