This is how I am fighting the aging of my hair at 46 years old +2023

I am 46 years old and the truth is that I have the stronger hair and healthy than a few years ago despite the fact that genetics do not play in my favor and I have always had it fine and with a tendency to fall. And although my dream is to show off a mane like Demi Moore at 60, I am aware of my limitations and have a sensible clavicut haircut that every day I notice (everything is said) denser and nice than a few years ago. And it’s all thanks to the best tricks and products I’ve learned from the hair experts that I have known throughout my 15 years of experience as an editor of a few capillary reports. Because in the same way that I use retinol to combat wrinkles and blemishes on my skin, I am also taking into account that my hair is aging and that with these rituals and products I can get the best version of my hair, thicker, with a good cut and with a brown color which has the optical effect of making my hair thicker…

Bet on vitamins for hair

From trichologists and hair experts I have learned that my hair needs more vitamins and trace elements that it has lost over time and that I do not replace with the foods in my diet. From the hair expert eva villarI have learned that the hair vitamins They are like moisturizing cream for the skin and you have to add to the hair what you no longer receive naturally to grow more and better and to do at least twice a year, a treatment in the salon of vitamins and amino acids for my hair and my scalp. And of course, betting on vitamins in the form of gummies that do not cost me anything to take and also help me to have stronger hair every day.

Arkopharma Forcapil Gummies

For sale in Atida | Mipharma (16.98 euros)

These vitamin, mineral and horsetail-based gummies contain highly concentrated active ingredients of 100 percent vegetable origin that strengthen hair and stimulate its growth with a high concentration of biotin.

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Invest in a good shampoo

It seems obvious but I have always prioritized the health of my hair, betting on a good shampoo that strengthens it against color or frizz because strong hair is precisely the basis of everything else. For months now, I have been using a old shampoo It is giving me very good results and I see how my hair falls out much less.

Krastase Genesis Shampoo

For sale in El Corte Ingls (21.40 euros)

This shampoo strengthens fine hair with a tendency to become greasy and also reinforces the fiber to reduce hair loss. It is enriched with native Edelweis cells, with antioxidant power, and ginger root with a protective effect against external aggressors.

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More protein and collagen for my hair

Dialogue with the hairdresser and your dermatologist or trichologist is also very important so that your hair does not lack anything, especially nutrients. And of asun pontshaper of krastaseI have learned the importance of filling out the keratin hair that is lost over the years for a stronger mane. And I love the products and the dry shampoos that go together. proteins and collagen and peptides As ideal shock treatments for my fine hair and that it does not become even more fragile, in addition to keeping my hair clean for longer.

OGX Collagen Biotin Dry Shampoo

For sale in Douglas (6.52 euros)

A dry shampoo that mixes nutrients such as vitamin B7, biotin and collagen. In addition, hydrolyzed wheat protein helps absorb excess oil and hair is left fresher.

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Use products without rinsing old

In addition to betting on a conditioner and one face mask after each washed, I surrender to leave-in treatments for softer, more flexible, stronger and frizz-free hair. Specifically to the srums that take care of my hair like my skin and that also regenerate the scalp and favor the growth of my hair.

5.25 ICON hair regenerator

On sale at (85 euros)

Repairs, stimulates, strengthens and helps prevent hair loss thanks to its 5 percent Capixyl™ biomimetic peptides combined with red clover extract and biochanin A that renew fibrous proteins that renew hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Reconstructive hair treatment

I also don’t skimp on getting a hydration treatment once a month in the salon to make my hair softer, shinier, and fuller. And I love it Botanical Repair of aveda (40 euros) that I do in his living room or in Q space because it protects and repairs the hair with 93 percent ingredients of natural origin and strengthens the three layers of the hair from the inside out, creating new bonds within the hair and preventing breakage. Reduces frizz and is ideal for treating dyed hair like mine In addition, they customize it according to the needs of your hair and it is always great.

Smooth Infusion Perfect Blowout Duo Set by Aveda and Phillip Lim

For sale in Aveda salons (51 euros)

The limited edition set to get the hairstyle you always need. Includes the pocket-sized paddle brush and the lightweight Smooth Infusion Perfect Blowout treatment, which activates with heat to provide a 72-hour anti-frizz protective layer, locking in humidity. Contains UV filters, and protects from heat up to 232C.

A good brushing morning and night

The brushed It is also essential for me because it promotes a good distribution of scalp oil and products on my scalp and hair and makes it easier to apply the products. and with my white hair and now that my hair is more fragile, I prefer to get brushes that don’t break it and that untangle easily.

A good cut toe

Now that I have shoulder-length hair and look a clavicut haircutI have realized how important a good haircut of the tips. And it is that, even if you want to leave the long hairin people with fine hair, the cut also influences the time when you last clean hair for longer. In addition, by weighing more as it grows and is longer, the contact with the scalp is greater, tending to get dirty sooner. And as some hairdressers have taught me, the ends of long hair, being the oldest part, if we cut it, favor its deterioration and cause greater wear on the hair. For this reason, I always try to clean them every month or month and a half.

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