Jennifer Aniston recovers one of her mythical hairstyles in Friends and makes Instagram go crazy +2023

In the sixth season of friends, Ross and Rachel put their love to the test for the umpteenth time. It is when Mnica’s brother played by David Schwimmer starts dating one of his students at the university and Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Anistonshe decides to seduce Paul, the father of the young woman Ross is with, played by Bruce Willis (you remembered the cameo of the protagonist from The jungle of crystal in the mythical series?). It was the occurrence of some writers obsessed with giving free rein to the loving tug of war between two of their central characters.

The good thing is that each new occurrence in the script was accompanied by a new style between the leads and, in the case of Rachel Green, a different haircut or hairstyle. Thus, while Jennifer Aniston was trying to flirt with Bruce Willis on screen, her extra long hair it became the ideal accessory to play with between your fingers, becoming one of the mythical references of beauty of the character that the actress brought to life.

Jennifer Aniston and extensions

Just like then, Jennifer Aniston has returned to sporting extra-long, extra-sleek hair to star in the latest print cover of Allure magazine. (publication in which she talks about her problems to have children). to their 53 years, the actress is one of the most faithful defenders of long hair in her day to day. With different layered cuts and lengthening the midi length to the clavicle above her chest, Jennifer Aniston feels comfortable with long hair. Now, for Allure, and remembering that sixth season of the legendary series, she has extended the length past the waistwith a series of photographs in which the actress can be seen with her chest only covered by a large lock of hair.

In the hands of her lifelong hairstylist, Chris McMillan, the actress has regained the use of her extensions to the delight of her followers and of Rachel Green’s fans who quickly recovered the image of the actress in the year 2000. “This is Peak”, comments Gwyneth Paltrow in Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram post where she has let us see the new version of the mythical hairstyle in Friends. “Absolutely stings,” says Lily Collins or “I love this and that it’s you,” praised by Elle MacPherson. In total, a string of positive comments that have viralized the image of the actress in different versions.

In less than 24 hours since Jennifer Aniston published the “end of an era” post alluding to the end of the print version of Allure magazine, there are already more than 5 million people who have recognized the beauty of the images with a like on Instagram. And it is that the actress looks, in addition to being very sexy and sensual, highly favored by maintaining a layered hair structure, where the cut that closes to the oval of her face stands out, framing her face and rejuvenating her appearance.

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