Nose hair waxing: The trend is so dangerous +2023

nose hair waxing
How Dangerous Is Growing Nose Hair?

Nose hair waxing- It's so dangerous to remove nose hair

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This trend has popped up on Instagram the last few days: nose hair waxing. But the painful removal of nose hair can have health consequences.

The hair has to go – now also in the nose

Nose hair removal has been an issue for men for a long time. But more and more women are bothered by the soft hair in their noses. But they have one important function: They protect against environmental influences, dust and small insects.

Nevertheless, we catch ourselves standing in front of the mirror and considering removing the little hairs. Men like to use hair trimmers, women are usually content with tweezers. The latest trend: Nose hair waxing!

And this is how nose hair waxing works:

On Instagram we heard about this new way of nose hair removal for the first time. Beauty blogger Sepi Balini uploaded a selfie-mode video of her waxing that has since been viewed over 7 million times.

In the video, a beautician puts a wax-covered cotton swab in each of Sepie’s nostrils. These are pulled out again a few seconds later in one jerk, so that the Hair and hair follicles removed become. Actually a dream, but is the brutal removal of hair follicles healthy?

Waxing nose hair can be dangerous

A few weeks ago we reported how quickly hair roots and nasal mucosa can be removed by plucking with tweezers ignite can. If this is the case, bacteria and viruses can migrate up the nasal mucosa and into the brain. If they reach the brain, dangerous and even life-threatening diseases such as meningitis or a brain abscess can result.

Even if the nose hair waxing is carried out by a trained beautician, it is discouraged. Better: Carefully trim excess hair with nail scissors.


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