Depilation in the intimate area: the best methods

Depilation in the intimate area: the best methods +2023

Depilation in the intimate area How to get rid of hair in the bikini area

Hair removal in the intimate area: woman holds cactus in front of the intimate area

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Summer time = bikini time? With these methods for hair removal in the intimate area, nothing stands in the way of a perfectly trimmed bikini zone!

Whether super smooth, landing strip or full bush – the woman’s intimate hairstyle has sparked quite a bit of controversy so far. One thing is certain: each of us should feel comfortable! If you want to get rid of hair in the intimate area, there are various methods of hair removal in the intimate area available.

1. Intimate hair removal: shaving

Uncomplicated and quick: shaving is one of the most common methods of hair removal in the intimate area. Thanks to sharp blades and some shaving foam, the intimate shave convinces with a smooth resultthat with low cost tied together. Disadvantage: The skin is quickly irritated, reacts with razor burn and the Hair grows back after a very short time. Tip: Soothe the bikini area after shaving with a moisturizing lotion or some baby oil.


  • low expenditure of time
  • little cost
  • hair free result


  • skin irritation
  • Hair grows back quickly

2. Hair removal in intimate areas: waxing

If you want long-term smooth skin in the intimate area, you should try waxing, or more precisely Brazilian waxing. Compared to shaving, we are allowed to look forward to a stubble-free bikini zone for several weeks. Besides that The hair not only grows slower, but also thinner and less oftenHowever, this method of hair removal is also essential more painful. In addition, hair can grow into the skin, which often leads to skin irritation.

That’s how it’s done: When waxing, liquid wax is applied to the hair and covered with a strip of fabric or paper, which is then pulled off with a quick jerk against the direction of growth. Important: Do not peel the strip vertically at a 45 degree angle, but stay close to the skin and peel upwards. This reduces pain and the risk of injury. If you want to be on the safe side, you can go to a waxing studio for hair removal.


  • long-term hair removal
  • Hair grows back slower and thinner
  • Smooth result


  • big waste of time
  • more complicated if you do it yourself
  • painful

3. Hair removal in intimate areas: epilation

Not for the sensitive: when epilating, the hair is pulled out, including the roots. That’s why the skin stays longer smooth than, for example, when shaving. Since pubic hair grows denser and is more robust than hair on the legs, this type of hair removal is also possible greater pain tied together. In addition, it can Redness and irritation as well as ingrown hairs in the intimate area come.


  • long-lasting, smooth skin feeling
  • Hair grows back slowly


  • painful method
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin as skin irritation and ingrown hairs are possible

4. Intimate hair removal: IPL

Another method of permanent hair removal is the “Intense Pulsed Light” therapy (IPL hair removal). Light impulses act on the hair roots via the pigments (melanin) in the hair and inhibit growth.

A kind of light gun is flashed, which is moved centimeter by centimeter over the skin areas to be treated. For measurable success, at least four and a maximum of eight treatments at intervals of four to eight weeks recommended.Requirement: The Skin must be light, hair darkotherwise the device will not recognize the hair.


  • pain free
  • long-term smooth skin


  • time and cost intensive
  • not suitable for dark, tanned or tattooed skin
  • pigment disorders or burns may occur

5. Intimate hair removal: depilatory cream

Next to shaving, depilatory cream is one of the most convenient methods of removing hair. However, extreme caution is required: Because the depilatory cream is a chemical method of hair removal that can attack and irritate sensitive mucous membranes. It is based on sulfur compounds that attack the keratin of the hair, decomposes it and removes it from the skin within a few minutes without destroying the hair root.

The depilatory cream is applied to the skin areas to be treated and simply wiped off after a short exposure time. With about ten days the hair-free result lasts longer than with intimate shaving.


  • painless method
  • quick and easy application
  • inexpensive
  • Hair grows back softer and less stubbly


  • irritation or allergic reactions on the skin may occur
  • strong smell

Reading tip: A sustainable alternative to waxing is sugaring. Here you can find out everything you need to know about sugaring paste. Are you looking for tips for intimate hygiene? Here you get 7 tips for intimate care.


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