Nail trends 2023: Which colors and patterns are popular now? +2023

nail trends
These 5 nail designs are trending right now

Nail trends 2022: hand with dotted nails on yellow background

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Which nail trends really make our nails shine? We introduce you to five designs that you can easily imitate – without going to the nail salon.

Beautiful nails give us a well-groomed appearance – and brightly painted they also put you in a good mood. A lot of the current nail trends revolve around eye-catching colors and above all: creativity. You can find out exactly what that looks like below.

Nail trends: The 5 most beautiful manicure ideas for fingernails

  1. Pastel french tips
  2. neutral nails
  3. Reverse french
  4. Polka dots
  5. micro manicure

1. Pastel French Tips

French nails made their big appearance in the 90s. And now they’re back – in a modified form. From now on our nail tips shine in bright colors. Whether pastel tones or neon colors – whatever you like is allowed. And best of all: You don’t even have to go to a professional for the French tips. You can easily paint the nail tips yourself at home. There is now stencilsthat you can glue to your fingernails. If that’s too complicated for you, there is also razor-thin brushes, with which you paint your nail tips colorfully. You can then apply a layer of transparent top coat to the nail.

2. Neutral Nails

You like it more natural? Then you are also completely in line with the trend. Short, well-groomed nails in transparent nude tones are currently very popular. This is definitely the most uncomplicated nail trend since you don’t have to worry about chipping. All you need for the neutral nails trend is one nail filesomething nail oil for care and transparent Nail polish with a light nude touch.

3. Reverse French

The reverse French nail trend follows the French tips trend. The only difference: Here the nail tips are not painted in bright colors, but the crescent-shaped nail base. You can use a nail template or a thin brush to help. To ensure that everything holds up well and looks well-groomed, a coat is recommended afterwards top coat.

4. Polka dots

Polka dots on the nails are also very popular. Whether you paint multiple dots per nail in different colors or just one on each finger, beauty pros are carrying the nail trend up and down these days. Probably because it’s almost as straightforward as the neutral nails trend. The only utensils you need are colored nail polish, one top coat as well as a wooden stick (or Paint brush) to paint the dots on the nails.

5. Micro manicure

Micro manicures are tiny pictures that are painted on the nail. These include, for example, small flowers or playful little hearts. Sound complicated? Admittedly, this nail trend requires some skill and patience. But even in this case there are practical tools that can help you. Tip: Wear one first base coat up so you have a nice, smooth surface to paint on. Then you can start painting with a thin brush before you protect the motif layer from chipping with a top coat.

Which nail polish colors are trendy now?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s clothing, hairstyle or nails – the golden rule is always: anything that pleases is allowed! Therefore, there are no nail polish colors that you absolutely have to apply or those that are forbidden. However, there are a few colors that are currently very popular. Represented among them:

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