Shampoo hack: How the 60/180 rule optimally cares for your hair

Shampoo hack: How the 60/180 rule optimally cares for your hair +2023

Shampoo hack The 60/180 rule for perfectly groomed hair

Woman washing hair: With the 60/180 rule, your shampoo works optimally

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Hair professionals know: how long we let our care products work has a major impact on the result. The 60/180 rule applies here – because this is the only way the shampoo really works.

Should we wash our hair every day or rather less often? Blow dry or let air dry? We can do so many things wrong when washing our hair, but there is one thing we definitely pay too little attention to: the exposure time of our shampoo.

For a long time we thought it was enough to massage the shampoo into the hair for a short time, rinse it out again and then let the conditioner work in for a really long time. In fact, the shampoo needs a while before its ingredients can really develop their optimal effect. This is especially true for repairing and moisturizing shampoos for very dry hair.

60/180 rule: That’s how long you should leave your shampoo on

Depending on the condition of your hair, you should leave the shampoo on for between one and three minutes – i.e. between 60 and 180 seconds – reveals hairdresser Gabriel Llano in an interview with “The longer and more damaged the hair, the longer the shampoo has to work,” explains the expert.

This is exactly how this 60/180 rule works: If you have dyed, very long hair that you continue to stress every day with styling products, you should definitely leave the shampoo on for three minutes so that the hair is really cleaned and the nourishing ingredients are absorbed can. But if you have shorter hair that you don’t expose to so much stress in the form of heat, hairspray and the like, it’s enough to leave the shampoo on for about 60 seconds.

Apply correctly + Co: This is how your shampoo works optimally

Applying the shampoo correctly is also important: You should always start on the scalp and then slowly and carefully pull it through the rest of the hair to the tips. This is how you remove any residue from styling products and the like and give your hair the care it needs.

Another tip from hair pro Gabriel Llano is a massage during the exposure time. If we stimulate the scalp by massaging, the skin and hair can absorb the care product better – which ultimately improves the result after washing the hair. Your hair is optimally clean, stays fresh longer and is healthy and strong.

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