Jennifer Coolidge’s dress was a clue +2023

Jennifer Coolidge's White Lotus dress was a big nod to The Godfather fans

Jennifer Coolidge Fabio Lovino/HBO

A tribute – and a spoiler. Jennifer Coolidge‘s floral dress in the finale of The White Lotus was specifically chosen as a clue to her character’s fate.

In the final episode of the HBO hit, Tanya (Coolidge) wears a dress identical to that seen on a mannequin depicting Apollonia (Simonetta Stefanelli) out The Godfather in episode three. Bert (F Murray Abraham), Dominik (Michael Imperoli) and albies (Adam DiMarco) godfather sightseeing tour took them to the filming location where Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino) Mrs Apollonia is killed with a car bomb meant for her husband.

Jennifer Coolidge's White Lotus dress was a big nod to The Godfather fans

Jennifer Coolidge and Francesco Zecca Fabio Lovino/HBO

The replica mannequin wore the yellow and pink floral dress that Tanya was wearing when she died in the finale.

When Tanya realized that her husband Greg (Jon Gries), possibly trying to kill her to get her fortune, she tried to find a way to safety – and ended up killing Quentin (Tom Hollander) and almost everyone else on the boat. Determined to find safety, she attempted to climb onto the dingy boat, choosing not to use the stairs and instead jumping onto them. She missed the small escape boat, banged her head open and drowned.

There is a clear connection between the dress and accidental deaths, but costume designers Alex Bovaird I didn’t expect fans to be able to connect the dots and theorize so easily.

“I was quite surprised by the cyber sleuths’ ability to put things together,” said Bovaird page six in an interview published on Monday 12 December. “When I saw that Evan Ross Katz tweet shows Tanya’s death dress on the godfather Dummy, I was very impressed.”

The fashion foreshadowing “almost didn’t happen,” according to the clothing maven, who explained that Coolidge’s outfit was accidentally returned before filming was finished.

“We were nearing the end of the show and she was accidentally sent back to Rome the night before!” Bovaird revealed. “Someone had to catch a plane with it early in the morning and it made it on camera. … Just your typical chaos in the costume department.”

While the dress luckily made it just in time, Apollonia and Tanya’s deaths have a distinct difference. While The Godfather Character was accidentally murdered by someone else who white lotus The protagonist accidentally killed herself.

“I just think it felt too tragic that she died at the hands of someone else,” showrunner said mike white explained in HBO Max’s Unpack S2 E7 Feature. “It felt like she had to fight back as best she could and in a way win a victory over whoever was conspiring to get rid of her. It just made me laugh to think how she would like to take down this killer gang and after successfully doing that she just dies this stupid death and that’s the way it is Tanya.

white lotus was renewed for season 3.

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