ABC President Vows To Keep Amy Robach And TJ Holmes “Distracted” From ‘GMA’ And Off The Air +2023

Good morning America Reportedly planning to keep TJ Holmes and Amy Robach off the air after pulling co-hosts off their show, GMA3, as reports surfaced of their alleged affair. Holmes and Robach, who were first removed from the daytime program in early December, will not be back anytime soon, according to a report from The Daily Mail.

The outlet received a memo, reportedly from ABC News executive Kim Godwin, in which she allegedly told staff that the relationship between Holmes and Robach was a “distraction,” and began, “Since we’re starting this new one As we begin this week together, I would like to take a moment to address the ongoing matter GMA3 Anchors TJ Holmes and Amy Robach.”

“I understand that ongoing coverage can distract from the incredibly important work that our team is doing here at ABC News,” the memo said The Daily Mail. “Amy and TJ will be off the air pending the completion of an internal review and there will be a rotation of anchors GMA3 for now.”

It continued, “I hope we all continue to focus our energies on what we do best and I want you all to know how incredibly proud I am of your hard work and professionalism.”

Since Holmes and Robach left, the show has replaced them with alternate hosts, including Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez, who previously co-hosted the program GMA3is dr Jen Ashton.

The alleged affair between the co-hosts has been on daytime television for weeks, with prominent figures including Gayle King chiming in. King, who hosts her own CBS show, Andy Cohen said See what’s happening live that she finds the situation on the network “interesting,” before adding, “It’s gotten very messy and very sloppy.”

“The more you read the more chaotic it gets and I think it’s just a sad situation because you’ve got kids involved. You have families involved. I keep thinking about that. Yes, that worries me a lot,” King said at the time.

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