Jade Roller: Does the face roller really make your skin more beautiful?

Jade Roller: Does the face roller really make your skin more beautiful? +2023

jade roller Does the face roller ensure more beautiful skin?

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A jade roller is said to reduce wrinkles and ensure a radiant complexion. You can find out here how to use the beauty tool correctly and whether it is worth it.

Jade rollers are said to have a positive effect on the complexion and are touted by various influencers as a miracle cure. We’ll tell you what the face roller can do and how you can use it optimally.

What is a jade roller?

In Asia, face rollers made from healing stones have long been used for skin care. Rollers made of jade or rose quartz are particularly popular with us. The rollers consist of a handle in the middle and two smooth stone rollers at the ends. The larger roller is intended for massaging the cheeks and forehead, while the small roller is used, for example, in the area around the eyes.

What is the effect of a jade roller?

On jade roller can, if you use it consistently and correctly, bring the following benefits for your skin:

  • According to studies, the massage with the jade roller promotes the blood flow to the skin and makes them appear fresher and rosier.
  • The facial massage stimulates the lymph flow, whereby toxins are better removed. Lymphatic drainage not only works against swelling, but can also slow down the skin aging process.
  • The massage with the cold stone reduces swellingthat occur, for example, in the area of ​​the eyes. Headaches can also be alleviated by the cooling effect of the jade stone.
  • With the face roller you can Work care products deeper into the skin than when applying lotion quickly with your hands. Creams, oils and serums are better absorbed and can have a more intense effect.
  • If you take some time for a facial massage with the jade roller, the pleasant ritual can be one relaxing and decelerating effect to have.

Does the jade roller help against wrinkles?

You can’t expect miracles from the massage roller. However, by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow, it can help make the complexion appear healthier and skin aging slows down. Working in anti-aging products intensively with the jade roller can also help to delay the formation of wrinkles. Basically, you should note that a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and exercise and the use of UV protection have a positive effect on the skin.

How to use a jade roller?

  1. Before using the face roller, you should clean face and remove make-up and dirt residues. It is best to use a mild washing gel and then a clarifying toner.
  2. Enter now nourishing serum on your facial skin. Serums with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C are particularly recommended. For dry skin, a nourishing oil can also be useful, for example almond or argan oil.
  3. Now do a 5 to 10 minute motion with the jade roller face massage by. Proceed as follows to activate the lymphatic system: Guide the roller a few times with light pressure from the forehead to the ear. Then you stroke from the upper lid to the ear and then from the lower lid to the ear. Finally, you devote yourself to the cheeks and stroke from the nose and lips to the ear. Massage your neck from top to bottom.
  4. After the application you should Clean facial rollerby rinsing it under running water and then storing it away safely.

Tip: For a more intensive effect, you can briefly warm your face roller on the heater before use or cool it in the freezer. A warm stone improves blood circulation and intensifies the absorption of active ingredients. A cold roller is good for swelling.

Which face roller is the best?

There are face rollers made of different healing stones, all of which stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow equally through the massage. However, the different stones are said to have different properties, which we have listed here for you so that you can choose the stone that suits you best. The effects of the healing stones are not scientifically proven.

jade roller

Jade is mostly a green stone with fine white veins. But there is also white and black jade. The stone is said to improve general well-being, have a mood-regulating effect and free you from sleep disorders and nightmares. It works on the skin jade roller decongestant and healing for inflamed areas.

Rose Quartz Roller

Also Rose quartz roller are very popular with us. Rose quartz is considered a healing stone of love and fertility and is said to ensure harmony and mental balance. After a hard day, it relieves tension and soothes stressed facial skin. The pink healing stone is also said to provide relief for stress, headaches and migraines.

Amethyst Roller

The violet healing stone is said to have a healing effect on acne or similar skin blemishes and was used by Hildegard von Bingen to treat skin problems 1000 years ago. It can also be used for swelling and sunburn Amethyst Roller help.

Clear Quartz Roller

The rock crystal is said to have a relaxing and calming effect on the psyche and promise improvement in nervousness, depression and irritation. the Roller made of rock crystal soothes sensitive and irritated skin and relieves tension.

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