UV nail polish: The perfect at-home guide

UV nail polish: The perfect at-home guide +2023

UV nail polish This is how you can achieve the perfect manicure at home

UV nail polish: The perfect at-home guide

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Do you want permanently beautifully painted nails? Then a manicure with UV nail polish could be the right thing for you! With these simple instructions, you can achieve the perfect manicure at home.

Who doesn’t know it – as soon as you’ve finally finished with an extensive manicure, you’ve applied the perfect nail polish color neatly and accurately and it’s already happened: the nail polish blurred or splinter off – all the trouble for nothing. To avoid this scenario, there are nail polish alternatives that have a permanent hold promise, without unsightly chipping.

For the perfect manicure at home you need the following accessories

  • One UV lamp – to harden the nail polish
  • A base coat, a top coat and a UV nail polish in the color of your choice (optionally there are now also paints that contain 3 in 1, more on this below)
  • A file – to create the ideal nail shape
  • A buffers – for roughening your nails
  • rosewood sticks – to push back your cuticles
  • cleaner – to remove the sweat layer
  • acetone Remover– to remove the nail polish
  • cotton pads – for soaking in the acetone
  • aluminum foil – for wrapping the cotton pads

Preparation is the be-all and end-all

After filing your nails into the correct shape you can gently push back your cuticles with a rosewood stick. In order for your nail polish to last optimally, it is important natural nail with a buffer to roughen and then remove the resulting dust with a cleaner.

Go for the paint! That’s how you paint properly

The first step for the perfect nail look is the base coat. Wear one of these thin layer and let it cure under the UV lamp for 30 seconds. Then it’s time for the colour. take yours favorite nail polish and apply a thin coat right after the first base coat. Then leave the nail under the UV lamp again Harden and apply a second layer if necessary – depending on how intense you want your color result to be. Now comes the last step. wear that top coat with a thin layer and let it harden one last time. After that you will notice a sticky layer of sweat. Simply remove them using the cleaners and one cotton pads and voilà – your perfectly painted nails are done.

Alternatively, there are also so-called 3-in-1 paintsfor which one coat is enough and you don’t need a base or top coat – ideal when you need something really quick.

How to remove your UV nail polish

If you want to remove your UV nail polish, it’s easy to do in three simple steps:

  1. Remove sealing layer – take a buffer and file off the top layer of nail polish.
  2. Soak in acetone – wrap your nails in aluminum foil with a cotton pad soaked in acetone. Leave the foil on for about ten minutes until the nail polish slowly peels off.
  3. Remove detached layer – With the help of a rose stick you can now finally remove the already detached nail polish. If this does not dissolve yet, you can extend the exposure time here. With some nail oil you give your nails an extra dose of care.

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