Ikea has a shoe rack that also serves as a headboard to save space and order your home economically +2023

Space is not usually left over in almost any corner of the home and this is one of the reasons why versatile furniture is so successful and that serves both to decorate and to store, killing several birds with one stone. Sometimes, this search to optimize the space gives rise to unexpected furniture but which, deep down, makes us end up wondering how it is that nobody had invented them before. In that line, if you need a headboard but also a solution to store all your shoesIkea can be your salvation.

We will probably buy this Ikea blanket in pairs because it is ideal for the wave of polar cold and also, it is cheap (it costs less than 6 euros)

In the famous Swedish chain we have found a shoe rack that can become a headboard. This is the TRONES model, a white shoe rack that, having little depth, takes up little space.

Its measurements are 52x18x39 centimeters and, in the upper part, you can support objects such as the mobile phone, the book you are reading or the alarm clock. Ikea sells it by units of two drawers and, Therefore, depending on the size of your bed, you can join several and create a very fresh air headboard in your bedroom.

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However, although this idea is the one that we found most practical and original, you can also use this piece of furniture as a shelf, side table, or even store magazines or folders inside if you already have a shoe rack.

The unit price of this shoe rack is 25 euros but, in addition to being economical, it is a piece of furniture easy to clean because the door can be disassembled to allow us to remove the dirt inside. Something very useful if we are going to store shoes inside.

TRONES: Shoe rack/storage, white,

TRONES: Shoe rack/storage, white,

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