Selena Gomez is working on a new studio album +2023

Selena Gomez’s fourth studio album is ready for the recording studio. In Conversation with Only Murders in the Building Co-Creator John Hoffman and Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandrocrew callOn May 11, Gomez revealed that her full-time return to television — including her role on the crime comedy series and hosting her appearance on HBO Max’s Selena + Chef — hasn’t stopped her from creating new music. “I just finished season four of my cooking show and am now working on my album in LA,” she said, confirming that “S4,” a follow-up to her 2020 album Rare, is officially on the way.

On July 6, Gomez teased fans by sharing a TikTok video of herself in the recording studio. “New,” she captioned it.

“I’m so used to writing sad girl songs because I’m good at it, but I’m willing to have some fun and I think people will like it.”

On December 5, Gomez also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she confirmed fan speculation about her upcoming album. “Mm-hmm, that’s right. Finally,” she replied when Fallon asked if her single “My Mind & Me” was a hint of new music to come. “I’m so used to writing sad girl songs because I’m good at it, but I’m ready to have some fun and I think people will like it.” Gomez also revealed that she’s im Studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

News of Gomez’s upcoming album comes a year after the singer indicated she was “retiring” from music to give herself a chance to pursue other passions. “I think there’s a lot of people who like my music and I’m so thankful for that, I’ll keep going for that, but I think the next time I do an album it’s going to be different,” Gomez said in her Vogue 2021 cover story. “I want to try one last time before maybe retiring from music.”

The new album will be Gomez’s first solo release since 2021’s Spanish EP Revelación. In August 2020, the singer also released an ‘Ice Cream’ collaboration with K-pop giant Blackpink. The sweet single was followed by ‘999’, a 2021 collaboration with Camilo, and ‘Let Somebody Go’, a 2022 collaboration with Coldplay. With so many great musical partnerships under our belt, we’re expecting some hard-hitting ones artist features will land on the new album.

During the Crew Call interview, D’Alessandro also asked if Gomez would consider a singing scene in Only Murders in the Building, to which the star replied, “I want to be a little careful. I love being Mabel and I love that she’s an extension of me, but she’s not necessarily me. Sometimes I worry — not to say I’m in any way opposed to it — that it might become a pop star thing. and that’s clearly not me. [But] I am not against it.”

Find out more about Gomez’s new album ahead of time.

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