How many seasons of Love Island USA are there on Netflix? +2023

If you’re a Netflix Lifer and a reality TV fan, you’ll be glad to know the streamer added Love Island USA to his catalogue. Yes, you read it right. Love Island USA is now available to stream on Netflix. Who would have thought? We sure don’t!

If you are unfamiliar with the reality series, Love Island USA is a matchmaking game that follows a group of lucky singles who come together in a tropical paradise to search for love, with one couple winning a hefty cash prize. Sound familiar? It will easily remind you of Netflix reality series like Too hot for that handle and Dated and related.

Love Island USA based on the British hit series of the same name. The show aired on CBS for the first three seasons. But in February 2022, it was picked up at Peacock for a fourth and fifth season.

Well, we’ve mentioned that the reality series will stream on Netflix, but we haven’t said how many seasons of the show are available. Below we’ve shared which seasons will be streaming on Netflix from December 2022.

What seasons of Love Island USA are streaming on Netflix?

From Dec 1, 2022, Netflix carries only one season of the popular reality series. It’s the first season featuring contestants like Elizabeth Weber, Zac Mirabelli, Alexandra Stewart, Caroline “Caro” Viehweg, Kyra Green, Katrina Dimaranan, Emily Salch, Weston Richey, Raymond “Ray” Gantt, Dylan Curry, and many others. Hopefully Netflix will acquire streaming rights for other seasons in the future. Of course, you can count on us to let you know when the streamer adds more seasons.

Where to see Love Island USA

You can stream island of love United States of America Seasons 1-3 continue Outstanding+. However, you need a subscription to the service to access the episodes. If you’re looking for season four, you need to go to Peacock to check it out. But again, you have to subscribe to Peacock to see the show.

It’s unknown how long Netflix will keep the reality series on its platform, so we recommend watching Season 1 as soon as possible.

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