7 shows like ‘Manifesto’


7 shows like ‘Manifesto’ +2023

after the big one #SaveManifest 2021 campaign, fans were upset over the cancellation of the NBC drama after learning that Netflix not only saved the show, but gave it the green light manifest Season 4. After catching up on the first three full seasons of manifest (plus the first half of season 4; we’ll have to wait until 2023 for that manifest Season 4 part 2) we have a few recommendations for you. Get ready for more mysterious shows like manifest flight on your watch list.

manifest follows the passengers of a flight that takes off, goes through turbulence and lands five years into the future. The passengers were reported missing and somehow defied all the laws of space and gravity during their seemingly easy journey by air. The show just made its Netflix debut and quickly topped the daily charts for the streamer’s most popular shows and movies. Could that mean Netflix could save the show? If not, we have a few similar shows to recommend.

Here are seven TV series like manifest to watch on Netflix, HBO Max and more:


“Dirty John”

Betty Broderick
Photo: ©USA Networks/courtesy Everett Collection

Netflix just released a new season of Dirty John, her true-crime anthology series that follows bizarre love stories gone wrong. Season 2 follows the story of Betty Broderick starring Amanda Peet. The series follows her marriage to childhood sweetheart Dan Broderick and unfolds a tale of lies, hatred and anger lurking under the seams. Although her life looks perfect, the relationship takes its toll on Betty and brings her to the brink.

electricity Dirty John on Netflix


‘sweet tooth’

sweet tooth
Photo: Kristy Griffin/Netflix

sweet tooth is Netflix’s latest apocalyptic series, and if you love the fantastical elements of manifest, you’ll probably dig this one too. The series follows a boy who is half human, half deer as he searches for his mother. He lives in a world ten years after “The Great Crumble,” a virus that led to the mysterious creation of hybrid babies. If the boy wants to find his mother, he must avoid hunters on his long journey to Colorado.

electricity sweet tooth on Netflix



Colony - Season 2
Photo: USA Networks/Courtesy The Everett Collection

colony takes place in a futuristic version of LA, where an occupation has put the city on lockdown. Now under martial law and locked in their homes, the townspeople have two choices: obey or fight back. But a war ensues between the people who want to live under occupation and those who want their old lives back, leading to total chaos.

electricity colony on Netflix



Photo: Everett Collection

Lost is certainly the show that is most similar manifest. A handful of strangers on a plane must band together when the plane crashes on a distant island. Things get even more bizarre when they realize they are not alone on the island – not only that, they are in grave danger. The long-running mystery drama is a must-watch for everyone manifest Fans certainly an inspiration for the newer series.

where to see Lost


‘The Flight Attendant’

the-flight attendant-1
Photo: HBO Max

More planes! Kaley Cuoco stars in HBO Max’s The flight attendant, which follows a mystery surrounding a hotel room, a dead man, and the boatload of drama that unfolds around the event. While sleeping with one of her passengers, a fugitive flight attendant wakes up to find he was murdered in bed next to her. Instead of reporting the murder, she does what anyone would do: run away. On the run, she is now investigating who could have murdered her ex-lover.

electricity The flight attendant on HBO Max




emergence was another mystery drama that was canceled too soon. The series followed Jo, a police chief who takes in a young child she finds near the scene of a fascinating accident. The girl has no memory of who she is or what happened in the accident, and draws Jo into a dangerous conspiracy bigger than she ever imagined. If she can find out the child’s identity, she will break the case wide open.

where to see emergence



Debris - Season Pilot
Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

Another canceled NBC drama! debris follows, well, rubble. Mysterious debris falls from the sky, leading an intrigued, mysterious task force to investigate the situation. They set out to find out where it came from, why it rains on earth and what it can do. Amidst the otherworldly events, the team has their own personal drama to bring to the table in their race against time.

where to see debris

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