Fashion horoscope: The style for the zodiac sign Pisces

Fashion horoscope: The style for the zodiac sign Pisces +2023

Fashion horoscope The style for the zodiac sign Pisces

Delicate tones and pearl accessories: Pisces know exactly what they want in fashion.

Delicate tones and pearl accessories: Pisces know exactly what they want in fashion.

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Emotional, profound and dreamy: fish just don’t go with the flow! And that shows in her style too. Dear Pisces, here comes your fashion horoscope that reveals how you can fashionably show off your beautiful inner life.

How does the zodiac sign Pisces tick?

If you celebrate your birthday between February 20th and March 20th, you’ve come to the right place. Pisces, we’re going to tell you straight out: your heart is in the right place. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, you are sensitive and have beautiful visions – even if they may sometimes be far from reality. But watch out: you don’t like to commit yourself. Swim here and there. Sometimes you even say goodbye for a dive, then you Pisces get lost in thought and let your emotions wash over you.

Style check: The main thing is romantic

Pisces natives, you have a strong emotional streak. This is also reflected in the choice of fabric: chiffon, silk or viscose. The motto is: the main thing is flowing and soft, just like dreams or the sea. But the designs can also look playful; Flounces, ruffles, sequins, feathers or special details made of velvet and lace sweeten every look. Expensive brands? Never. You’re not about status, it’s about the feeling that the look conveys.

Must-Haves: Here the fish also swim against the tide

Date night, very romantic: Dates are your catwalks! Here you are fashionably at home and make yourself extra chic. If you sometimes reach for jeans in everyday life, the complete range of kitsch is served in love. You express your emotional, passionate streak in long pleated skirts or maxi dresses. But also sets in red, purple or pink reinforce your enthusiastic behavior in Cupid’s affairs. Oversized blazers or fitted models with puff sleeves and Vichy? Very gladly!

Just a few flounces… much You Pisces-born don’t want more? Or maybe a few ruffles? The beautiful, squiggly fabric is reminiscent of the underwater world as it lives and breathes: anemones, algae or the fins of our favorite sea creatures. Ruffles and flounces also inspire the feeling of contentment of you Neptune-dominated. If you then add transparency in the form of a semi-transparent blouse or collar with lace, you’re completely screwed.

Casual but cozy: As a water sign, you tend to stay inside emotionally, which means: fashion shouldn’t just represent any status symbols — and it doesn’t always have to be flowing and light either. As a Pisces, you can do things differently. As mentioned in the character analysis: You swim here and there. And rules are made to be broken, right? A casual fit consisting of jeans, a playful cardigan or a knitted jumper is considered a varied go-to combination, especially on colder days.


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