Korean Skincare: 10 steps to flawless skin

Korean Skincare: 10 steps to flawless skin +2023

With Korean Skincare, wrinkles, pimples and dark marks should be a thing of the past. But how exactly does this type of facial care work and what do you have to consider to make it really work? We have the answer!

Perfect skin thanks to the right care routine? Korean skincare is the right keyword here, because Koreans have been swearing by their 10-step routine for caring for their skin for years. Smooth, flawless skin that appears to have no pores is the result of this lavish skincare routine.

What skin types is Korean Skincare suitable for?

Everyone wants beautiful skin. That’s why the care in general suitable for every skin type. You should only be careful if you sensitive responded to too many products. Even if they aren’t scented, one is overfeeding just at sensitive skin counterproductive. Luckily, certain steps can be skipped. We’ll tell you which ones later. First of all, it is important to find the right products. Because not every cleanser is good for our skin, just as not every cream ensures a radiant complexion. Best pay attention comedogenic-free products – that is, those in which no paraffins, silicones, parabens, mineral oils and all such ingredients have been used, which not only clog our pores and permanently damage our skin, but are also not beneficial for the environment. Products Korean brands are a good choice.

This is what the perfect Korean skincare looks like

1st step: Oil-based cleanser

The oil-based cleansers effectively removes the residue of make-up, sunscreen and excess sebum from your skin. Cleansing oils are much gentler than gels or mousses, which also means they don’t irritate the skin. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive and dry skin! Cleanse your face with circular movements for 40 seconds.

2nd step: water-based cleanser

With the water-based cleanser it goes to the second step with double cleansing – a popular form of facial cleansing to really free the skin from any residue. Cleaning oils don’t necessarily reach every contaminant, so the water-based cleanser is necessary to also remove the residue of the oil. Take a full minute to spread the cleanser over your face and massage gently.

3rd step: Exfoliation

Dead skin and excess sebum only cause clogged pores and ultimately pimples. So that they don’t stand a chance, the next step is a peeling. This is where you best object BHA peeling which not only rids the skin of impurities, but also tightens it in the long term.

Step 4: Toner

The toner, also known to many as facial tonic, repairs the skin barrier and balances the pH value. It removes all excess cleansing and also perfectly prepares your skin for the upcoming care so that your epidermis can effectively absorb the ingredients. Use a cotton pad or reusable pad to apply the toner.

Step 5: Essence

After the toner has been drawn in, the essence, also a liquid care product that is supposed to restore the glow to the skin. Packed with ingredients that provide moisture, protection and anti-aging, the essence is truly essential for the care of your skin. Together with the cleansing and the toner, it helps the following products to be better absorbed in order to be able to work even better on the skin.

6th step: serum

Then this follows serum, through which your skin is optimally cared for, tailored to the individual skin needs. Acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation – everything can be reduced and managed with the right serum.

7th step: mask

The Sheet masks have now conquered every drugstore in this country and not without reason. After the skin has been treated with cleansers, toners, essences and serums, the mask follows to replenish your skin’s moisture levels. Once you have removed the sheet masks, gently pat the remains of the liquid into your skin.

8th step: eye cream

For a keen look is the right one eye cream essential! It mainly helps against dryness, i.e. also the formation of small wrinkles. In some cases, she can also combat dark shadows with ingredients such as caffeine and thus ensure a fresh look that makes others assume that you have just come from vacation.

Step 9: Moisturizer

Korean Skincare is almost done. Now that’s missing moisturizers, which virtually fixes the ingredients of the previous care products and they can therefore continue to work. Moisturizers come in many consistencies – including gels, creams or lotions. But they all have one thing in common: protect the skin from moisture loss.

10th step: facial oil

Good facial oils give your skin the right glow without clogging your pores. The ability can even be expanded, because some oils also have a healing effect as they can protect the skin from external influences. Of course, the ingredients also play a role, which is why acne sufferers should also use good vitamin oils as soon as their acne is healing. This gently heals the damaged tissue.

The care in the morning

In the evening, the 10-step care is feasible, after all we have more time. It’s different for most people in the morning. So there’s good news, because you don’t need as many steps in your skincare routine in the morning as you do in the evening. The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Step: Water-based Cleanser
  2. step: toner
  3. step: essence
  4. Step: serum
  5. Step: eye cream
  6. Step: Moisturizer
  7. Steps: sunscreen

suncream is essential for facial care, especially if you don’t want wrinkles and you don’t want dark marks on your skin to become even darker. With the right sun protection factor, you protect your skin from UV rays so that they are either absorbed and converted into heat or reflected immediately and thus do not penetrate your skin in the first place.

How long do you wait between each step?

Korean Skincare not only provides that you use the right care products. The application itself also plays a major role. You should take time, because only when all the products have been absorbed into the skin one after the other can they unleash their full effect. Between the essence, the serum and the moisturizer should good five minutes lie until the next product is applied. You can apply the other products such as eye cream, sheet mask or sunscreen immediately after the previous product.

Can I omit steps?

10 steps in facial care will keep you busy for some time. This is not feasible for every person, which is why the question often arises as to whether steps within Korean Skincare can also be omitted. Luckily, our skin doesn’t necessarily need everything. If you want to shorten your routine from 7 steps to 4 in the morning, that’s no problem. If you do without the cleanser, you need the toner, the serum, the moisturizer and the sunscreen, for example. If you want to do without the toner, use the cleanser, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen instead.

Essences do not always have to be used, just like the eye cream. However, you need these care products for the flawless glow. The most important thing is cleaning – either with water and toner or using the Cleanser – and sunscreen. For skin problems such as pigment spots or pimples, a serum is also worth using in the morning.

How well does Korean Skincare really work for dry skin?

All skin has an advantage in taking care of it. This is also true for dry skin, which is malnourished when it comes to moisture. However, Korean Skincare is primarily about preserving moisture in the skin. An extensive care routine therefore makes sense, especially for demanding skin that is dry. But this generally applies to all other skin needs.

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