Did Kim Kardashian know her ex-husband Kanye West well enough? This game shows everything +2023

Even though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now ex-couples, They had a decade-long relationship, four children share together. And before things got hot for them, they must have had moments of happiness, love, laughter, silly smiles, and everything in between. However, things got out of hand for her and the telenovela celebrity cited unexplained differences before filing for divorce.

Ye may have tried to procrastinate as much as possible, but his controversy-mongering machinery produced negative results. Well, amidst all the roller coaster ride that KimYe is going through, one thing has been constant: The American rap god-turned-businessman didn’t smile a little, if at all, in any of the pics with his ex-wife! But was Kim Kardashian able to identify the pictures where Ye was actually smiling? Let’s fly to a 2018 episode of The Ellen Show and find out.

Could Kim Kardashian tell if Kanye West was happy in her pics?

That Keeping up with the Kardashians star appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show about four years from now. And the spectacular host came up with this fun and tricky game for Kanye West’s then-wife. Aside from his recent rants and ban from Twitter, The Yeezy brand owner is also known for not smiling in pictures. So Ellen decided to play “Is Kanye Happy Here” with Kardashian.

among many pictures, rolled a picture of them together with their three babies in the sun. As soon as she saw the picture, she explained how glaring the sun was, and the next thing she remembers is her children screaming and crying. It was apparently not a good day for the KimYe family. The TV Personality explained further, “I wasn’t happy. So he wasn’t happy.” However, in the other pictures, Kim announced that he was happy.

The owner of Donda Academy got down on one knee in the most expensive way. Not only did he propose to Kardashian with a huge diamond ring, but he savored the moment by letting the world know that she must be his person forever. But now that they’re divorced, staying together wasn’t in their destiny.

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Can you tell if Kanye West (Ye) is happy in any of his pics? Let us know in the comments below.

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