Carmen Lomana’s dressy and elegantly printed leggings are the ones that feel best at 60 +2023

Carmen Lomana is spending this last weekend of this endless December long weekend in Marbella and in her suitcase she has brought comfortable and elegant clothes, very hers, which once again give great ideas to women over 60 to dress in a stylish way current but with a lot of sophistication.

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The stylist and protocol expert has succumbed to the leggings trend but, as expected, she has taken them to her territory. To begin with, she has chosen some leggings with a much more elegant style since they are in a houndstooth print, the most classic print that is now back in fashion and is worn on all kinds of garments. Coats, skirts, jackets and now leggings that combined with basic garments are synonymous with LOOKAZO. Carmen Lomana has shown it with this comfortable outfit that rejuvenates a lot.

This is how Carmen Lomana has combined her houndstooth leggings

Carmen Lomana is a fashion expert and therefore has a fairly complete wardrobe with basic, quality garments that elevate any look. Investing in good jackets, quality knitwear or luxurious accessories allow us to dress simply and exude elegance. She has shown it again in this look in which she has combined her houndstooth leggings with a black skintight basic turtleneck sweater and a beige trench coat extra long and oversize. Being both the tightest pants and the sweater, we can afford to wear this type of wide trench coat without adding sizes.

Carmen Lomana

To give the preppy and chic touch to the outfit is over with some velvet ballerinas which as a striking and cool point are navy blue. This subtle touch of joy to the look is a success, but I could have worn the shoes in any other color, like red or black. A handbag and voilaperfect for your plan of beauty salon, shopping, tourism, meals with friends and walk at sunset.

We copied in Zara his leggings with houndstooth print effect

The houndstooth print never goes out of style because it is elegant and stylish, but beyond its unmistakable style, the key this Fall/Winter 2022-2023 is to include all kinds of black and white prints in our wardrobe. They are the ones that have the most strength, are the most sophisticated and on top of that they combine with everything and on all kinds of occasions.

  • In Zara there are several seasonal dress leggings but following the guidelines set by Carmen Lomana in her latest look, we have had our eye on these darker guys with an effect for those who love to wear black pants for their stylizing effect.
Zara Leggings
ZARA (4387/258), €19.95
  • Carmen Lomana has given it elegance with an oversize trench coat in camel color, the perfect jacket for the rain that never goes out of style. This is a limited edition at Zara and she falls in love with her classic style.
Zara trench coat
ZARA (4043/322), €149
  • The ballerinas are key for the look to be so chic and sophisticated. Investing in higher quality ones and in elegant fabrics such as velvet is a great idea to elevate any look of jeans, dresses, skirts…
Lodi ballerinas
LODI, €119 (in El Corte Inglés)
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