15 women’s short haircuts that will be trending in 2023

15 women’s short haircuts that will be trending in 2023 +2023

From medium length to clavicuts either bobs Y mulletsmore straight or with more movement, facing next year we will dare with short haircuts of the most varied One of the trends that will come stomping for this 2023 is the short hair and those who opt for him as he tells us Victor Latorreexpert in cuts and stylist of Hidden Hair Club, “those who opt for it will be able to verify that it is infinitely practical and very comfortable as well as fresh”. Something in which it also coincides Jose Tabas, hair stylist who has just opened his own salon in Córdoba and who tells us that yes, that to get it right “we must choose the right short haircut for our lifestyle and hair to stylize our face and features”. To achieve this, this expert is a fan of dry haircut or dry cut for both straight hair What curly because it allows you to create and sculpt volumes, give your hair more movement and an ideal finish to see the change and visualize the real natural hair loss.

Short haircuts trend in 2023

In addition, we have asked more hair experts what will be the short haircuts of a woman they will be trend in 2023 and the options are multiple to shine like never before with your hair and show off a new look in the year that is about to begin.

bob without bangs

Josephine Skriver with a straight bob haircut without bangs.

Josephine Skriver with a straight bob haircut without bangs.imaxtree.

The bob cut is also carried straight and no bangs. If we don’t want to wear it as polished or sophisticated, but more casual, “can be textured and give movement to the ends, it all depends on how we comb it” points out Sánchez.

cut to the garon

Emma Watson with a gar haircut

Emma Watson with an a la garon haircut.Getty.

The cut to the garon It will be one of the short haircuts that inspires us the most for next year. Especially in its shorter and unstructured version, worked with a razor to give that sensation of lightness but at the same time defined and geometric, with the shorter contours following the shape of the hairline.

mullet haircut

Kristen Stewart's mullet haircut.

Kristen Stewart’s mullet haircut.GTres Online.

The mullet haircut It will also continue to be one of the great trends of 2023 and “it will be worn shorter in the upper part of the head and longer in the area of ​​the neck, neck and sideburns,” says José Sánchez, director of the Oramai salon.

French Bob

The bob haircut in the purest French style will continue to be very present in the Spanish hairdressers when it comes to changing your look and going to short hair. as he tells us Jose Sanchezsalon stylist Oramai“is carried in short haira little sloping and subtly and longer in the front locks of the face”.

classic pixie

Zoe Kravitz with a pixie cli

Zoe Kravitz with a classic pixie that is one of the haircuts that favors her the most and is still a trend.GTres Online.

Zo Kravitz Right now, she is wearing the haircut that has been the most flattering for her in recent years and it becomes a very cool look to wear in 2023. “It is a classic pixie with short bangs with slightly longer sideburns that give it the most elegant touch.” feminine and that can be styled in many ways, disheveled with texture by applying a product such as wax, smooth, gelled…” recommends Victor Latorrehair stylist Hidden Hair Club.

pixie with bangs

Grace Elizabeth in a pixie with bangs at the Zimmermann Spring Summer 2023 show.

Grace Elizabeth in a pixie with bangs at the Zimmermann Spring Summer 2023 show.imaxtree.

grace elizabeth It shows the power of a straight pixie with long bangs because it allows us to style short hair in different ways. Unlike the other cuts, this one has a longer nape, giving the sensation of hair with more body and movement.

short shaggy

For all types of hair, with a lot of movement and texture, the short shag haircut It is ideal for giving your hair more movement and also defines and marks the features of the face. Light and fresh, it allows different variants depending on the type of hair. can be carried with blunt and messy bangs and if you have the curly hairyou can give it a vintage and casual touch with a Morrison cut or a more French look like that of Audrey Tautou.

blunt bob

Vivienne Rohner at the Chanel Spring Summer 2023 show with a blunt bob.

Vivienne Rohner at the Chanel Spring Summer 2023 show with a blunt bob.imaxtree.

There is a short hair that will undoubtedly stand out in 2023 and it is none other than the blunt bob that leaves the nape uncovered and blunt and with texture and much more movement. “This type of cut favors long faces as it causes a widening effect and is the perfect option for women with fine hair,” he tells us. rosi fernandezsalon director Ananda Ferdi from Madrid. And furthermore, it requires little maintenance so it is very comfortable and practical.

micro bob cut

The microbob proposed by Loewe for the pr

The microbob proposed by Loewe for the next spring of 2023, very attached and polished with the parting on one side with a clear face.imaxtree.

This is a very short bob haircut, usually below the ears. As stated Yolanda IzquierdoEducation Team of Montibello: “It’s a very versatile look because you can change the direction of the hairstyle, adding some light waves, with or without bangs. In this way, we have many options for day to day.”

Lob or long bob

Candela Pelizza's long bob.

Candela Pelizza’s long bob.Getty.

The lob either long bob it is the haircut that reaches the shoulders and brushes them. It styles a lot and is great when it comes to combing your hair. In addition accentuates the features making them more marked and sweet. And “long faces, with big eyes and a slightly more open forehead are the ideal ones to wear this long hair with bangs that frame the look” he assures us Carlos Fernandezprofessional of Frank Provost. “This long hair can even be worked on long hair with XL volumes, making it a very versatile cut that is recommended for all women, especially those round faces because it balances them.”

90s shaggy bob

The short hair from the 90s is back too. And moreover, its gradient effect tends to give rise to short, modern and elegant hair that returns with moving bangs. The best thing about this cut is that it allows a disheveled or messy effect without spending too much time on your look.

midi length

Midi length proposed at the L'Or parade

Midi length proposed at the L’Oral Paris show.imaxtree.

A normal straight short haircut already a few centimeters above or below the shoulders with or without bangs, even a little paraded in front.


It has another cut internally, below there is a short cut and above a longer concept. It is perfect for thick hair because it takes the inner part of the sides very short to remove all the volume and only works with the upper part. Halle Berry wear this cut

Long Mullet for curly hair

Like the mullet, the long mullet continues to have the nape area longer than the sideburns and the front area. This proposal has a cut line on the sides and raises it to the top and creates a rectangular silhouette when viewed from the front that favors this type of long hair.

Bob with bangs

Bob with bangs.

Bob with bangs.imaxtree.

eduardo sanchezdirector of the Maison Eduardo Sanchezpoints out that his favorite cut and look for 2023 is undoubtedly the bob with bangs straight (in fact, it was one of the star looks of his new collection Color Overdose), which works especially well for straight hair. The bob haircut is very versatile and can be adapted to different hairstyles by applying a little wax to texturize the edges. tips or in wet effect version.

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