What is a shape cut?  + Info about species & styling

What is a shape cut? + Info about species & styling +2023

IAre you looking for a new hairstyle? Then there could be the shaper cut, a widespread one Classic among men’s hairstyles, be just right for you. In the article you can find out what makes the hairstyle special, what shapes there are, who it suits and what else you have to pay attention to when cutting a shape.

What is a shape cut?

The shape cut is characterized by only two essential aspects from: That Top hair is kept longer and the hair is attached to the Cut shorter at the sides and neck – that’s it.

How long the hair of the individual areas is exactly is not specified with a style cut, so you have a lot of leeway here. Classically it is known as a silhouette, but you can also shave the sides.

By the way, the cut is the Basis of many other hairstyles, which also makes it so universally applicable. Theoretically, even the undercut to the shape cuts.

As far as the transition from the sides to the top hair is concerned, there are also no limits with this hairstyle. It is most often seen with a smooth transition, whereby the transition can also be clearly cut or shaved.

Who does the shape cut suit?

Because the shaper cut is only characterized by the long top hair and shorter hair on the sides or in the neck, you can also cut many variations.

The hairdresser can vary the length of the individual areas and thus adapt the cut to the individual characteristics of the head, such as the direction of hair growth or whorls. In addition, the right shape cut can be found for almost every type.

Are you more like him? conservative business type? Then the classic shaped cut with a clean, flowing transition and slightly longer sides or with medium-length top hair, which is set aside with a little wax, is suitable for you. You can also choose a classic one here side parting draw.

you are more young and likes to go to parties? Here you can leave the top hair a little longer and style it a little wilder (slightly curly hair works particularly well with this style, by the way). In addition, short shaved sides that provide contrast are ideal. This type of shaper cut looks much more playful than the classic version.

So you see: This men’s hairstyle is one of the most versatile and, with minor adjustments, is suitable for pretty much everyone of all ages. In addition, this hairstyle never goes out of style and can be cut or styled in a modern or conservative way with a few tricks. However, it is important that you strong and thick hair have, because thin hair and bald patches are more difficult to conceal.

by the way

Also a beard goes perfectly with the cut. Here you can have a decent one 3 day beard choose one that fits perfectly in the office, or a longer one full beard, which gives you a very masculine look. Of course, this can also be worn in the office with appropriate beard care.

How do you style a bevel cut perfectly?

You can also let off steam when it comes to styling the shaper cut. The top coat is particularly important. With the help of hair wax the hair is given a structure and a shape. This allows for a light, neat side parting or a slightly fresher hairstyle that makes you appear younger, with the hair pointing upwards in a so-called quiff to be styled. With help of a hairdryer, a round brush and some hairspray you can give volume to the top hair.

On the other hand, if you prefer the sleek business style, you can also use classic hair gel, gel your hair back or to the side and thus give the hairstyle a clearly conservative look.

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