Whoopi Goldberg tears up reporter who asked prime ministers sexist question: ‘pull up his ass’ +2023

Even “stupid reporters” are not safe from commenting The view. After I asked New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin if they had recently met because they “similar old‘ a male reporter was pulled from the podium for his ‘stupid question’.

After hearing the question in the video clip, co-host Joy Behar slammed the reporter for asking “the stupidest” and “most irrelevant” question ever posed to a prime minister.

Meanwhile, Ana Navarro added, “It almost felt like he was like, ‘So, do you guys get manis and pedicures together? Are you ladies who make lunch?'” to which Behar continued, “Are you going to Taylor Swift’s this year?”

Alyssa Farah Griffin went on to slam the question as a “twitch,” noting that while the reporter said, “We all wonder,” though actual nobody asked me

“We still do that thing where we’re so reserved with women,” she continued. “It’s like they certainly can’t talk about national defense or foreign policy. They probably exchange recipes. I can’t believe we’re doing just that in 2022.”

However, Sunny Hostin was “surprised” that people in other countries would ask such an ignorant question, pointing to better representation and more women in power abroad than here in the United States, and left it to Behar, her co-host, to do it remember “stupid reporters are everywhere”.

Whoopi Goldberg ended the segment by saying it was “sad” that we had to explain that “women are people,” adding, “We have to do a better job as parents raising men.” During her Lacking words about what to say about the reporter, she suggested, “You shouldn’t fire him — just educate his ass.”

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