Who dies in the season finale? (SPOILER) +2023

The White Lotus Season 2 promised HBO Spectators at least three deaths by the end of the finals. We know Daphne (Meghann Fahy) survives as she is the guest who discovers a mysterious corpse as she bathes in the sea one last time. We also know that hotel manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) is alive. Not only is she seen frantically dealing with the body Daphne finds, she is also rocked by her nemesis Rocco (Federico Ferrante), who tells her that a few more “guests” have been found dead on the resort grounds became. So who dies in The White Lotus Final Season 2? Will creator Mike White actually kill his muse Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) or will locals like Lucia (Simona Tabasco) and Mia (Beatrice Grannò) once again suffer at the whims of the guests?

HBO’s official preview for The White Lotus Season 2 teased a number of possible horrific outcomes for this year’s crop of characters. We saw Ethan (Will Sharpe) become increasingly upset at the thought of Cameron (Theo James) possibly sleeping with Harper (Aubrey Plaza), culminating in an apparent brawl in the water. We also learned that Tanya is becoming increasingly dangerously separated from assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) and that Albie (Adam Di Marco) believes it is his duty to “save” Lucia from her life in Sicily.

All of these storylines eventually collided The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 7 “Arrivederci”. We finally found out who died and why Quentin (Tom Hollander) seemed to be in love with “Cowboy” Greg (Jon Gries). Who plotted against Tanja? Would Ethan lose his nerve and kill? And was Lucia playing Albie the whole time?

Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of The White Lotus Season 2…starting with the one who died.

who dies in The White Lotus Final Season 2?

Tanya does die, but not without a hell of a fight. Throughout the episode, both Tanya and Portia find various clues that Greg actually plotted with Quentin to orchestrate her murder. Jack (Leo Woodall) was hired by Quentin to keep Portia away from Tanya so gangster Niccoló (Stefano Gianino) could murder her at sea on the way back to the hotel. Although Jack steals Portia’s phone, she is able to take his and call Tanya, who is with Quentin et al. On the yacht is. Together, the two women put the plot together. This leaves both women in the clutches of Team Greg/Quentin.

When the yacht arrives near Taormina, Quentin explains that Niccoló will come on board and will take them back to shore alone. Tanya loses her phone trying to call the mainland and has a darkly funny scene with the yachtman, in which she iconicly says, “Those gays, they’re trying to murder me.” (Lucille Bluth would be so proud.) When that doesn’t work, Tanya tries to delay her eventual journey with death. She sees that Niccoló has brought a black bag. She grabs it on her way to the “powder booth” and locks the door. Inside the bag is a rope, duct tape, and a gun, confirming that this is the plot.

Quentin and Niccoló realize that Tanya found out and knock on the door. When they prevail, Tanya conjures up a sort of “Final Girl” energy. She shoots and shoots her way out, teary-eyed and panicking the whole time. She kills Niccoló and Didier (Bruno Gouery) and gets Quentin in the back. Hugo (Paolo Camilli) escapes by jumping into the water and swimming to shore. Tanya tries to get Quentin to tell her if Greg is cheating on her, but he says nothing.

Tanya then realizes that she is stuck on the yacht. She sees the dingy and asks if she can make the jump. After a few awkward tries, she says, “You did it.” In fact, she doesn’t. She hits her head as she jumps into the water. After an operatic underwater death scene performed by Puccini, we then learn that she was the body Daphne discovered. The other dead “guests”? The murdered bodies on the yacht. All others survive.

Jack drops Portia off at an airport in Catania and warns her not to return to the hotel or ask any questions. Next we see her donning a horrific disguise at Sicily’s main airport, where she reconnects with Albie, who reveals that Lucia actually extorted money from him. Portia asks Albie for his number and at least one happy thing happens.

Elsewhere, Mia is allowed to keep her job at the White Lotus. Valentina has become more confident in herself and her sexuality. Dominic (Michael Imperioli) is able to reconnect with his wife. And after beating up Cameron and spending a day with Daphne, Ethan finally fucks Harper. During the act of love, they break the statue of the Moor.

So Tanya McQuoid-Hunt from Jennifer Coolidge is the main character who dies in it The White Lotus Season 2. Unfortunately, that means she won’t be able to continue The White Lotus Season 3…

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