What is Roller Blind and Where Is It Used?

What is Roller Blind and Where Is It Used? +2023

roller blind It has a special place among curtain models with mechanism. The usage areas of roller blinds, which are popular curtain types of the last period, are quite high.

Roller blinds refer to the type of curtains that open and close thanks to their chain and spring mechanisms. The chain that moves the curtain is connected to a pipe. To open the curtain, the chain is pulled down and the curtain fabric is wrapped around the tube. When the curtain is wanted to be closed, the chain on the other side is pulled down and the fabric wrapped around the curtain is opened.

With the recent technological developments, motorized roller blinds are also produced. Their most important feature is their ergonomics. Motorized blinds started a new era in comfortable designs in the curtain sector. It is possible to operate these curtain models with a remote control.

Is Roller Blind Useful?

Blinds are easy to use as they are practical curtain types. These curtains can be used effortlessly in the intense pace of urban life. It makes the work of working women much easier. It is easy to install and remove as well as easy to clean. Therefore, it is possible to say that these curtain models are useful.

Blinds are produced in many different models. The rich variety of models allows these curtain models to offer harmonious options for every home decoration style. Although they are modern curtain products, they are compatible with both modern and classical decoration styles. Since it functions as both sunshade, tulle and background curtain, it allows to save budget.

Roller Blinds Does it show the content?

Blinds do not transmit light. Therefore, it does not show the inside. It is among the ideal curtain types for bedrooms. At the same time, it is suitable for use in all kinds of places that are not wanted to be seen from the outside, such as offices and hotels.

How to Install Roller Blinds?

Blinds are easy to install and remove. If all the apparatus is purchased together with the curtain, the installation process of the curtain is completed in a short time.

To attach the curtain, the terminals are mounted on the ceiling or cornice by climbing a ladder. The terminals are installed in parallel using a small drill. Then the curtain is placed flat between the terminals. Finally, it is checked whether the curtain mechanism is working or not.

What is the Difference Between Roller Blinds and Zebra Blinds?

The most important difference between roller blinds and zebra blinds is light transmittance. While the blinds do not have a light transmittance feature, the light transmittance of zebra curtains can be adjusted if desired. In zebra curtain models, tulle and curtain are sewn on the same surface, while polyester silk is used in blinds.

What Is Roller Blind With?

To wipe the blinds, it is necessary to remove the curtain. Then the curtain needs to be gently wiped with soapy water and a sponge. After the curtain dries, it is attached in the same way.

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