Variants & how to style it correctly

Variants & how to style it correctly +2023

IWould you like to try something really extraordinary with your hair? The sidecut is perfect for this. But what defines the hairstyle, what variants are there and who does it suit?

We show you the possibilities and explain how the different transitions are cut.

What is a sidecut?

The word sidecut means something like in German “side cut”. With the sidecut, the hair is similar to the undercut shaved on the sides. The big difference, however, is that with the sidecut they only be shaved off on one side and the hair is left longer on the other side.

However, this is a matter of interpretation and nowadays the sidecut is characterized more by the fact that one side is shaved slightly higher or shorter and this stands out much more, whereas the other side is also shaved, but mostly the top hair is laid slightly over it. How the sidecut is actually cut is not specified, which is why it is very different transitions can be chosen. It is especially popular classic fade cut.

A good example of a true sidecut wearer is DJ Skrillex, who leaves one side of the hair extremely long and shaves the other short.

What sidecut variants are there?

Due to its loose definition, very different styles can be created with the sidecut. Especially because of that top coat and the different lengths of the side parts you can always change the sidecut. We show you the best variants of men’s hairstyles.

Sidecut with side parting

One of the currently most popular variations is the Sidecut combined with a side parting. The side that is exposed from the top hair is shortened to the top and a light fade is cut, which is why this side is particularly noticeable. In addition, mostly one crest line shaved to create an even stronger contrast or abrupt transition.

This form of sidecut gives the otherwise conservative side parting a whole new look.

Sidecut with curls or perms

This type of sidecut is characterized by the curly top hair, with the sides being shaved down to around 3 to 7 millimeters. The top hair is then placed on one side, similar to the side parting.

By the way, men who do not have curls by nature can do with a light one perm get help from the hairdresser.

Sidecut with longer top hair

A hairstyle similar to the side parting is the sidecut with longer top hair. This is also the Side shaved short to a few millimetersthe top coat however left a little longer and styled slightly up and to the side using wax. Optionally, a parting line can also be shaved here.

Sidecut with long hair

As already mentioned above, DJ Skrillex is known for his extraordinary sidecut. He lets his hair down particularly long wax and then shaved one side completely off. Here you can either shave smooth or just shorten the side to a few millimeters.

Who suits the sidecut?

The sidecut is a very versatile men’s hairstyle. A rule of thumb: The greater the contrast between the top hair and the side, the more noticeable the hairstyle. A side parting with a slight scissor cut, for example, can also be worn in the office, whereas long top hair with a very short shaved side is unusual and more suitable for leisure time.

As far as age goes, pretty much anyone can wear a sidecut. It is important, however, that it has a clean cut and that older men tend to choose a more conservative version.

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