Trendy hairstyles for women: inspiration for all hair types +2023

Whether short haircut, long mane or hairstyles for medium-length hair – trendy hairstyles for women are more diverse than ever in 2020. It is understandable that many women find it difficult to make radical changes to their hairstyle: hair is an expression of our personality and underlines our character. So if you are looking for a women’s hairstyle that underlines the individual look, you will find sufficient inspiration here.

Hairstyles for women: from classics to new looks

Every look is included in this year’s women’s hairstyle trends: From hundred-year-old evergreens, such as the pageboy cut, or the trendy new edition of the mullet, to new technologies with the calligraphy cut – there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to these hairstyles for women ! It is important that the corresponding style also suits its wearer. A business woman will hardly look serious with an unusual, colorful hairstyle and a rocker bride will probably not opt ​​for a ballerina bun. But as with everything, this rule also applies to women’s hairstyles: the main thing is that the wearer feels comfortable with it.


1/25 The Bubble Ponytail

Hairstyle Ladies: Dark-haired woman with sunglasses and ponytail
Source: / panna_anna92_

The bubble ponytail looks super extravagant and elaborate, but it is a hairstyle that any lady can whip up in less than five minutes. For this, the hair at the nape of the neck is gathered into a ponytail and tied into a simple ponytail with a hair tie. Then a second rubber band is placed a few centimeters lower and the hairs that lie in between are plucked apart. This gives the braid more volume and creates bubbles.

2/25 The sleek bob

Hairstyle Ladies: Back of the head of a blond woman with chin-length hair.
Source: /

Hairstyles from the 90s, like the sleek bob, are back in fashion. Women with very straight hair have an advantage here. If you have wavy or frizzy hair, you need to use a straightening iron. Styling creams and sprays with a gloss effect can help* to make the sleek bob shine and tame flyaway hairs.

3/25 The long bob

Hairstyle Ladies: Dark-haired woman with shoulder-length hair.
Source: / curtinhomoderno

The long bob, also known as the lob, is the slightly longer version of the classic original. The women’s hairstyle looks most elegant when it is straightened. For this, the hair over a paddle brush or large round brush* blow-dry, then separate individual sections of hair and pull them over a straightening iron.

4/25 The Calligraphy Cut

Hairstyle Ladies: Back of the head of a woman with medium-length brown hair.
Source: / at.friends

The calligraphy cut is particularly suitable for women with particularly fine and thin hair because it makes the hair appear more voluminous. With the calligraph, a kind of cutting knife with a built-in blade at an angle, the hair is cut off at a built-in angle of exactly 21 degrees. This prevents split ends and makes the mane look stronger.


5/25 The pixie bob

Hairstyle Ladies: Woman with short, blond hair.
Source: / mademoiselle_pixie

The pixie bob is named after the English word for the elf – but it really suits every woman! This is based on a sophisticated cutting technique: the hair is kept very short on the sides and at the nape of the neck, while the top hair is left up to ten centimeters long and is cut into a triangle.

6/25 wild curls

Hairstyle Ladies: Woman with long, dark curls.
Source: / ethnicidentity

If you are not blessed with wild curls by nature, you can easily do this hairstyle yourself: Separate your hair into fine strands and pull them over one another conical curling iron* wrap. Then loosen the hair overhead with your hands and fix it with hairspray.

7/25 The buzz cut

Hairstyle Ladies: Woman with shaved head.
Source: / stephblck

With the buzz cut, the hair is shaved off to a few centimeters, so that the scalp shimmers through the short stubble. Many wearers dye their buzz cut platinum blonde or even gray because the dark hair stands out too much from the white scalp.

8/25 The fringe pony

Hairstyle women: brunette woman with long, wavy hair and bangs.
Source: Instagram,.com/miemanihair

A fringed pony gives every face – whether round, oval, heart-shaped or square – an individual expression. It looks particularly good on women with long faces and medium-length hair: it shortens and interrupts the face.


9/25 The Messy Bun

Hairstyle Ladies: Blonde woman from behind with hair tied at the nape of her neck.
Source: / emilyrosehannon

The messy bun is the ideal hairstyle for everyday use. To achieve the perfect “messy” look, spray them on Hair is best treated with texturizing spray beforehand*. For this, the hair is first tied like a ponytail, but then not pulled completely through the hair tie.

10/25 The pageboy cut

Hairstyle Ladies: Woman with pageboy haircut.
Source: /

In the 1920s, the pageboy cut was a modern short hairstyle, based on the classic men’s haircut of the English “pageboys”. Women with pageboy hair were self-confident, intellectual and independent and some even pursued their own profession – no wonder that this hairstyle is back in fashion today!

11/25 The Mullet

Hairstyle for women: woman with a mullet and blonde-pink strands.
Source: / cocoon_styling

The mullet stands for a special era: there was hardly a man in the 80s who didn’t wear the trendy hairstyle. Today it is a trendy hairstyle for women, like something unusual and colourful.

12/25 The French Cut

Hairstyle Ladies: Woman with messy hair on her chin.
Source: / greatzhair2010

This hairstyle is not for ladies who like to keep it neat. The French cut thrives on looking slightly wavy and tousled – ideally with bangs that look like they’ve already grown out.


13/25 Granny Hair

Hairstyle Ladies: Back of the head with grey, wavy hair.
Source: / alfiehair

Red, blonde or brunette was yesterday. If you really want a trendy hairstyle for women, wear granny hair! The name derives from the English Wirt for grandmother and means exactly that: The hair is dyed gray according to Grandma’s example, but with a modern cut. With Silver or shine shampoo* the color stays longer.

14/25 The micro pony

Hairstyle Ladies: Tattooed woman with sunglasses and short fringe.
Source: / weirdogoosey

The micro pony is also called “baby bangs” in English-speaking countries – i.e. “baby pony”. You do need a bit of courage for this women’s hairstyle, but there’s an absolute jackpot for round faces: the shorter the bangs, the more the face is optically stretched

15/25 The Garçon cut

Hairstyle Ladies: Dark-haired woman with short haircut.
Source: / estilonestorfuentes

The garçon cut is derived from the French word for boy, but it’s not masculine at all. It is kept shorter on the top of the head and on the sides, while the neck and top hair remain long. This gives a feminine look to this hairstyle for women.

16/25 The undone look

Hairstyle Ladies: Blonde woman with tousled hair.
Source: / brooke.stylesss

The undone look is perfect for those of us who don’t feel like elaborate styling. Casual and uncomplicated, the new trend hairstyle not only conquers the catwalks, but has long since had everyday life under control. This hairstyle is best suited for medium-length hair. Salt water spray gives the hair the necessary structure.


17/25 deep waves

Hairstyle Ladies: Blonde woman with long curls.
Source: /

Deep waves are very trendy in 2020. In doing so, the edgy, but even curls with a crimping iron* created. If you don’t have one, you can simply conjure up the trendy hairstyle overnight. To do this, braid the slightly damp hair into several braids after washing. The thicker the braid, the bigger the deep waves.

18/25 The Ditzy Ponytail

Hairstyle ladies: brunette woman with ponytail.
Source: Instagram. com/theldndiaries

The ditzy ponytail, which translates to “silly ponytail,” is a messier twist on the classic ponytail. First, gather your hair into a high ponytail, then spray generously dry shampoo* into the hair to add texture and hold to the hair. Then backcomb the mane a little – done!

19/25 Curly Sidecut

Hairstyle Ladies: Woman with dark curls and sidecut.
Source: / kaniei

Women with naturally curly hair often face the problem of taming their mane. A solution to this can be the Curly Sidecut: Here one side of the head is trimmed while the other remains the same length. Some hair wax will shape the leftover curls.

20/25 headband

Hairstyle ladies: blond woman with hair band.
Source: / barbie_laurina

Most people still know it from their childhood and teenage days: the headband. Today it is an indispensable accessory for women’s hairstyles. It looks particularly stylish in the undone look. But the headband also fits perfectly when combined with a bun or ponytail*.


21/25 The classic fringe hairstyle

Hairstyle Ladies: Dark-haired woman with bangs.
Source: Instagram / toniandguyhaarlem

The classic bangs are back! Actually, this hairstyle suits every lady – but the length matters: A short fringe is suitable for long faces, while a long fringe flatters a round face.

22/25 The Great

Hairstyle ladies: Blonde woman with a quiff and a bow in her hair.
Source: / lolavanrose_

The quiff is no longer suitable for rockabilly fans or party guests, but is also finding its way into our everyday lives. The front section is styled with plenty of mousse and blow-dried, while the sides are best smoothed out with gel*.

23/25 The ballerina bun

Hairstyle for women: back of the head of a dark-haired woman with a bun and a flower hairband.
Source: Instagram. com/stylingbybrenna

The ballerina bun is a hairstyle for ladies who like it classic. Gather your hair tightly and pin it in place with a bun pillow. accessories such as hair bands* make this look festive. The ballerina bun is therefore ideal as a wedding hairstyle.

24/25 The bow bun

Women's hairstyle: woman with a bow made of her own hair on the back of her head.
Source: / newimagesalonknox

The bow bun looks complicated but is easy to style. It is only important that the hair is straightened and combed beforehand so that the hairstyle does not look untidy. A gorgeous change – especially for festive occasions!


25/25 space buns

Hairstyle Ladies: Top of the head of a woman with two side buns.
Source: / chaapevernagiee

Icons from the 90s showed the way, but now the trendy hairstyle for women is back: space buns! A center parting is drawn here and an even bun is tied on both sides.

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