“They had paid certain…” – Meghan Markle reveals how she felt insecure after her relationship with Prince Harry went public +2023

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have wreaked havoc with their six-part Netflix documentary Harry & Megan. Netflix released the first three episodes on December 8th, and they’re already making headlines for all the right reasons. Before the show’s release, it was speculated that the Duke and Duchess will be declared war on the royal family of the United Kingdom.

Although the couple have highlighted their thoughts on the royal members, they mainly launched an attack on the British media. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was unimpressed by the press and the Sussexes called her because they had tormented her and make their life miserable in the UK. Markle was hit the hardest when she revealed how she was doing Fear for her life after the constant intrusion of the paparazzi.

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British media followed Meghan Markle to Toronto

In the second episode of Harry & Meganbetrayed the Duchess miserable days after her relationship with the royal prince became public. According to the former American actress, it became extremely difficult for her to survive in Toronto as the British media followed her everywhere. After announcing their relationship, Markle continued to reside in the United States to film for the sitcom suits.

However, the British media was hungry to know all about her life and There was a constant invasion of privacy. The Sussex Queen revealed how reporters surrounded her Toronto home to take pictures. She blamed them too pester their neighbors for more details.

They had paid certain neighbors to set up a live stream camera in my backyard. All the curtains were drawn and the blinds were drawn. It was scary. My face was everywhere, my life was everywhere. Tabloids had taken over everything.” Markle said while speaking to the camera.

Next in Netflix show, the Duchess claimed how she was refused any kind of help from the police. Toronto police declined to investigate, believing so it was the aftermath of dating Prince Harry.

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