The organic straightening for fine and frizzy hair that fascinates Brazilians and transforms your hair

The organic straightening for fine and frizzy hair that fascinates Brazilians and transforms your hair +2023

we bring you good news for your hair: find a smoothed organic that (really) disciplines your frizzy hair and do not damage your mane is possible. There are many types of hair straighteners in the hairdressers that can be effective as the permanent straighteninghow can he be keratin straightening that we have told you about before, but we still had to discover (the fast and effective) treatment MaxSum Cocoa System, organic straightening and detox born in Brazil that triumphs among the women of this country and that now comes to Spain.

Objective: repair damaged and dull hair

This is a surprising straightening for its incredible results on the hair, because it does not smell (unlike other straightening) and for how it leaves your hair softer and shinier. Although it has just landed in Madrid hand in hand with salons The madroom (in Juan Bravo, 21 or in Villalar, 1) and it is gaining more and more strength, it is in Brazil, its birthplace, where it has achieved great success, judging by the spectacular long hair that we are seeing there lately. And after testing it, we understand why.

smoothed with cocoa to nourish the hair

Although it is not the only treatment for hair straightening that works, it is true that many protocols tend to leave sequelae on the hair because they use active ingredients that can sometimes damage the hair fiber (and leave an unbearable aroma) and the hair flat but without movement stuck to the hair. scalp and without shine, while in this case, the results are fabulous and very pleasant. Its ingredients are completely natural and among them is cocoa, its star ingredient that cares for hair due to its large number of components such as vitamins and minerals that repair and revitalize hair, d-panthenol wave provitamin B5the acetic acid and the keratin. But also, its strong point is that in addition to smoothing, it repairs your hair, leaving it shiny, soft and smooth and with movement, forgetting about frizz and the opaque tone of the hair regardless of your hair type. hair color because it also does not clarify or modify it but also enhances it.

Step by step of organic straightening

The hairdresser evaluates your hair type and decides how to treat your hair to leave it softer and without frizz. This straightening consists of three steps, the first, the washed with a purifying shampoothen it is rinsed, a second step in which they dry your hair and a third in which the hair is divided into strands and the wick by wick treatment with a comb so that there are no strands with excess product and respecting a distance of one centimeter from the scalp. Next, they cover your hair with film and let the formula rest for half an hour to 90 minutes depending on your type of hair (in my case frizzy, fine and dyed). And the fourth step will be the rinsing of the product. The hair is then dried and ironed in sections with a titanium styler to cauterize the formula into the hair. One of the things that has surprised me the most has been that the hair after the treatment looks much brighter, stronger and with movement without an iota of frizz.

straighten your hair for longer

This straightening lasts up to six months as long as we also use a shampoo and a conditioner at home to keep it longer, enhancing the results of the treatment. Y It can be done on any type of hair whether curly, blonde, bleached or porous or damaged achieving a total hair transformation. Now I understand why it is the smoothing of the head of the Brazilians… And surely, soon also that of the Spanish.

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