The legal trick to return clothes in Zara, Mango or any store even if you have already worn them +2023

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we have already torn off the label of a garment, we open it and in the middle of the day we realize that it has a flaw, a crooked seam or some other manufacturing defect for which we are not responsible. But it no longer has a label! It doesn’t matter, you have the right to make returns of purchases online and in stores.

A minute of silence for free online returns: Zara has already started charging them in some countries

This revelation comes from the influencers Celia Rubio and informs us that neither Zara, Mango, Cortefiel or no store can refuse to return your money or refund you if what you bought there is defective. It doesn’t even matter that the 30 days of returns have expired, you can return it.

The General Law for the Defense of Consumers states that “clothing is a item subject to a two-year warrantyTherefore, if within that period of time you find that it is defective, the store is obligated to replace the product or refund the money it cost you.

This also applies to those jumpers and knitwear that pill up after the first wash or wear. So do not be ashamed to claim what is yours and don’t fill your closet with spoiled clothes that you won’t wear again or use for anything. Always save the purchase ticket!

Photos | Gtres, @_celiarubio.

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