Target Cozy Feather Yarn Wide Leg Pants Top Review +2023


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My love for matching sets runs deep. Whether I’m sporting a fancy feather look for a Christmas party, a blazer and pants for a put together suit look, or just a plain old sweat set, a two piece outfit is something I’m guaranteed to fall in love with.

So it’s not surprising that when I’ve been scrolling through my TikTok FYP recently and kept seeing a super cute fuzzy sweat set pop up, I had to investigate further. What I quickly learned was that everyone on the platform was obsessed with the Target Cozy Feather Yarn Wide Leg Pants ($21, originally $30) and Target Cozy Feather Yarn Top ($21, originally $30), and after I got my hands on the set, I can totally understand why.

What I like about the Target Cozy Feather Yarn Wide Leg Pants and Top

When it comes to outfits I reach for all the time, comfort is key. Not only is this set one of the cosiest things to have ever touched my body, but the fact that it makes me look cute even when I’m out of the shower and lying on the couch with acne cream and my retainers means it’s a definite winner is.

Also, everyone on TikTok says it’s a great scammer for a much more expensive cozy line (IYKYK) and I have to agree. I have a few items from the more expensive brand, but the cozy line consistently sells out, and this set feels just as soft. Plus, you really can’t beat Target’s affordable price point.

What’s Worth Noting About the Target Cozy Feather Yarn Wide Leg Pants and Top

Target Skim's Dupe

I’m 5’6 1/2″ and I’m usually extra small or small in sweats and sweatshirts. I have a small in both the pants and top because I wanted them to be roomy and in my opinion, Both items are true to size. The pants have an inseam of 28 inches, which is slightly shorter than what I usually choose, but it hits just above the ankle, which works for me.

The only downside I can think of is that the pants don’t have any pockets, but I think they would make the outfit look a little chunky, so I’m undecided on that detail.

Who are the Target Cozy Feather Yarn Wide Leg Pants and Top best for?

Target Skim's Dupe

I think this cozy set is perfect for those who value comfort. It’s also great for anyone who wants to be able to quickly put together an outfit without having to think too much. It looks just as cute with white sneakers as it does with fluffy slippers, which is why it’s become an outfit I reach for at least once a week.

I also think this is a great option for anyone eyeing a similar, more expensive set, as this target find lets you get the look for less.

Additional details on the Target Cozy Feather Yarn Wide Leg Pants and Top

  • The pants and top are available in sizes XS-XXL.
  • They also both come in four colors: cream, brown, gray and mauve.
  • They consist of 98 percent polyester and two percent other fibers.
  • They should both be machine washed cold and line dried.


Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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