Recipe for Piri Piri, the little-known hot sauce that has nothing to envy to Tabasco +2023

The Piri Piri sauce It takes its name from the chile that makes it possible and, although it may not sound like that to you, it is likely that you have tried it at some time without knowing it. It is also normal to see it written in different ways: peri peri, peli peli, pili pili… However, all these terms refer to the same hot sauce that is made from a small, red type of chili of American origin. , shaped like a slanted eye and that it is ten times hotter than jalapeno.

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To the piri piri too it is known as the african devil and it is a chile widely used in African cuisine and that could compete in spiciness with Tabasco. Today, it is cultivated for commercial use in Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe and can be found both in liquid and ground form (what would be a very spicy powdered cayenne). In addition, the Portuguese chain of Nando’s restaurants, spread across all continents and famous for their peri-peri chicken, are also responsible for making the world much spicier today.

That said, here goes this simple recipe for those who want to have a first contact with the piri piri universe. Is about a sauce of approximately 200 ml that you can use to accompany what you most want.

Making this recipe is as easy as mixing all the ingredients with the help of a hand blender on full power until you get a fine sauce. A tip from Chile that always comes in handy before going into the kitchen with one of these devices says that the larger the chile, the less spicy, and that the dried version is generally hotter than the fresh one.

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