“No Bones Day” Noodle the Mops dies at the age of 14 +2023

On Saturday December 3, Noodle the Mops owner Jonathan Graziano announced that his beloved dog passed away on Friday at the age of 14. The pup rose to fame when Graziano began posting his morning ritual on TikTok, in which he would gently pick up the dog in the morning to see if Noodle would wake up and get out of bed or stay put. If Noodle got up, the day was declared Bones Day – a day of productivity – and if he stayed in bed it was a “No Bones Day” or a day to rest and be nice to himself .

“Hello everybody. I am so sorry. I’m so sorry to share this, but Noodle passed away yesterday,” Graziano shared with his dog’s fans Instagram video. “He was at home. He was in my arms. And that’s incredibly sad. It’s incredibly difficult. It’s a day I always knew was coming, but the thought would never come, and while this is very sad I wanted you to know, and I wanted to encourage you to celebrate while we’re through navigate this sadness.”

Graziano continued, “He lived 14.5 years, which is about as long as you could hope for a dog. And he made millions of people happy. What a run. thank you for loving him Thank you for hugging us. And give your dog a cheese ball tonight, but it has to be the wrong stuff.”

The beloved pug’s owner also added a heartfelt caption to his emotional video announcement. “It has been the privilege of my life to take care of Noodle for the last 7 years,” he wrote. “The sweetest man that ever was and ever will be.”

Noodle’s predictions quickly captivated the internet, and some people even let the pug dictate the direction of their day. Earlier this year, Graziano released a children’s book called Noodle and the No Bones Day, which aimed to help children understand the importance of making time for themselves. Throughout it all, Noodle and his charming personality captivated his fans around the world.

Shortly after his death was announced, other famous pets and their owners began offering their condolences to Graziano and paying tribute to Noodle. Commenting on the post, Magnus the therapy dog’s owner wrote: “I’m so sorry for your loss 💔.” Meanwhile, Tika the Iggy’s pet parents wrote: “I’m so sorry Jon. Noodle was so celebrated and his legacy will live on, thank you for sharing him with all of us. Big hug. ❤️❤️😓.”

Finally, Noodle’s famous internet pug, Doug the Pug tweeted“RIP Noodle The Pug. A great friend and a pug that has brought joy to millions. May it always be a day of bones 🙏.”

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