Netflix’s ‘Troll’ ending explained: What this end-credits scene could mean for the ‘Troll 2’ sequel +2023

troll on Netflix is a new 2022 Norwegian monster film that is essentially godzilla meets The Iron Giant meets Norwegian troll mythology. And it’s just as silly and awesome as it sounds.

Directed by Roar Uthaug, with a script by Espen Aukan, troll borrows heavily from the many monster movies that came before it. But it also weaves in themes of Norwegian folklore, making it far more magical and anti-Christian than your typical American Big Monster Go Steppy movie. At a breezy 101 minutes, it’s the perfect film to watch on a Friday night with a beer or two while you scream and laugh at the screen.

Pretty few Netflix users have done exactly that, as it seems, considering troll reached #1 on the Netflix top 10 film list this weekend. The audience has a hunger for trolls it seems. The best part? That troll The ending suggests that the story isn’t over yet. Read on for Decider’s breakdown troll Explained the end, and what we know about the possibility of one trolls 2 on Netflix.

what is troll on Netflix About?

Growing up, Nora Tidemman (played by Ine Marie Wilmann) was always told stories by her father about the trolls that lived in the Norwegian mountains. For years, father and daughter searched together for the mythical creatures – until Nora grew up and realized that her father was a bit too old to obsessed with this fairy tale. Nora pursued a career as a paleontologist and her father Tobias (Gard B. Eidsvold) became a reclusive, eccentric old man.

Then one day there is a terrible accident in the mountains of Dovre. While drilling a tunnel through the mountain, workers and protesters are killed by a mysterious creature. The Norwegian government recruits Nora to help find the creature. (It’s not clear why the government is doing this – maybe they think it’s a dinosaur?) Nora – along with the prime minister’s adviser, Andreas (Kim Falck) and military captain Kristoffer Holm (Mads Sjøgård Pettersen) – have to reach out to Noras Contact father for help.

Although nobody wants to believe it at first, the creature is actually a troll. It therefore follows at least some of the rules of Norwegian troll mythology. Fortunately, Nora’s father is an expert on Norwegian troll mythology. Unfortunately, he is killed when the army confronts the troll, shooting him and making the troll walk into one iron giantesque rampage. Using a clue from her father’s notes, Nora pays a visit to the King of Norway, also known as the Chief of Court. The king reveals that his palace was built on top of the troll king’s palace after the Christians massacred all the trolls. All trolls, that is, except for one.

What is the troll end explained?

Nora’s father always said that sunlight turned trolls to stone. But the troll they’re dealing with has been attacking civilians in broad daylight. At the palace, Nora discovers that the troll skeletons are disintegrating under her ultraviolet flashlight light. Aha! That’s it! Trolls can’t be in UV light, aka direct Sunlight. This particular troll was only out on cloudy days, so it hasn’t been turned to stone yet. Clouds block UV rays! And Norway is very cloudy!

Nora relays this information to her military buddy Kris. The military had planned to bombard the troll and the city of Oslo with nuclear weapons. (At least they evacuated the town first.) But Kris enlists a team of soldiers to help him build a troll trap using UV light: they lure the troll into the trap with the skull of a baby troll from the palace dungeon. They bring the troll into a circle of UV light before the nuke is launched. As she watches the troll suffer from the artificial UV light, Nora changes her mind and begs the military to spare the troll’s life. But it’s too late – the clouds part and the real sun comes out. The troll turns to stone, resembling no more than a rock on the hill. In the final scene of the film, Nora and Andreas wonder out loud if there are any more trolls out there.

Photo: Netflix

Is there a troll End of the credits scene?

Yes! Don’t touch this dial because there is one troll Mid-credits scene not to be missed. We cut to the ruins of the tunnel that was dug that woke the troll up first. The camera zooms into the mountain. We hear the rumble of big, thundering footsteps as we zoom in on a pile of rubble. And then… the debris pile explodes and we hear the mighty roar of a troll!

That’s right, there’s at least one surviving troll hiding in the Dovre Mountains. Who is ready for trolls 2 on netflix?

will there be one troll Sequel to Netflix?

The short answer? We do not know it. While troll The ending will certainly herald a sequel, there’s no official word on if trolls 2 it happens. That’s what the filmmakers behind it said, of course troll hope for more. As a matter of fact, troll Producer Kristian Strand Sinkerud said in arRecent interview with What’s On Netflix that she hopes not to do just one troll continued, but two. But, she added, it all depends on how well the first performs.

“As a filmmaker, you always have the ambition to do something that can last a little longer than a movie,” Sinkerud said. “Of course we have ambitions to do a sequel and maybe two sequels, but it all depends on how the audience reacts to it troll.”

In the same interview troll Director Roar Uthaug had a more conservative answer to the question trolls 2and said, “Right now we’re concentrating on making a big entertaining film and let’s see what the response to that is.”

Considering the fact that troll Soaring to #1 and #2 on Netflix’s Hottest Titles list for the streaming service’s top movies seems to be the answer troll was consistently positive. Come on Netflix! give us trolls 2!

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