Meek Mill responds to Kanye West making fun of him during a Clubhouse chat +2023

Meek Mill is not pleased with Yes’s comments. Kanye West has managed to offend people with his views over the past few months. After cutting ties with fashion brands, the artist has been giving interviews and running for the 2024 presidential election. This has only led to fans and celebrities distancing themselves from the rapper.

Ye became the center of controversy when he wore the White Lives Matter t-shirt in contrast to BLM activism. Among the many celebrities who criticized him was rival rapper Meek Miller. But their rivalry has only resurfaced since the Gold Digger singer’s interview with Wack 100.

What does Meek Mill say about Kanye West after the interview?

Meek Mill replied to Ye and laughed at him after his interview. He took to Twitter to say: “I’ve never lost my mind for fame or money… I still have my family… my people respect me… I break people out of prison. I do community service with kids up close all month. I’m chilling with my son and his friends today…you’re in the clubhouse at 50 lol.”

This was a very obvious and direct hit at Ye after his last interview. During the interview with wake 100, West burst out laughing at Mill’s criticism, explaining that he couldn’t stop laughing after Meek slammed him for the White Lives Matter t-shirt.

The guest and host shared a laugh and dissed the Going Bad singer, which quickly spread among fans. Miller’s dig involved the singer’s recent divorce from Kim Kardashian and shared custody of their children. Ye also lost a large chunk of his fortune and lost his billionaire status after ending his relationship.

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In an interview with Alex Jones, the Donda singer also praised Hitler and doubled down on his anti-Semitic remarks. He was also banned from Twitter for this after Musk restored his account. Therefore, he uses interviews to spread his message. It remains to be seen how long the commentary will last. Meanwhile, the rapper appears to be busy with his presidential campaign.

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