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lymphatic drainage
That’s behind the new hype

Lymphatic drainage: That's behind the new hype

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While lymphatic drainage has so far been considered a trend without suspicion, the method has recently been celebrated in Hollywood and on social media. what’s the hype about?

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The waiting lists for lymphatic drainage at “Detox by Rebecca” in Los Angeles are long: over 2700 people are currently interested – the 29-year-old masseuse Rebecca Faria is in demand like no other. Actress Jennifer Aniston books her for photoshoots, model Hailey Bieber likes to lounge on before red carpet events, the reality TV icons of the Kardashian clan are also loyal customers.

The stars rely on this lymphatic drainage

Faria is considered one of the best when it comes to lymphatic drainage, a massage technique that improves lymphatic flow. The topic is also making waves on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok – with before and after photos and videos of waists, stomachs and legs, which are said to have become flatter, firmer and more shapely through lymphatic drainage alone. Reason enough to take a closer look at the topic.

That is why there is so much hype about lymphatic drainage

The enormous amount of attention is not focused on the classic, medical massage as we have known it up to now – the so-called Brazilian lymphatic drainage has triggered the hype. Because it can change the shape of the body – at least temporarily – with just one treatment. Rebecca Faria emphasizes more than just aesthetic effects in the Brazilian version.

It is a holistic concept, a combination of beauty, wellness and health.

Not all Brazilians are the same: Own forms are often developed with individual handles or additional tools and methods. In Los Angeles, Rebecca Faria, for example, combines manual drainage with cupping, ultrasound or radio frequency in her signature full-body treatment “Detox by Rebecca” for even better results.

This causes lymphatic drainage

As fluid deposits are systematically removed during Brazilian lymphatic drainage, there is an immediate loss of volume and thus the desired shaping of the body or face contours. Typical after lymphatic drainage is the feeling of having more energy, being more relaxed, lighter and less bloated. How pronounced the result is depends on how much fluid accumulation was present in the body. The duration of the effect is also individual. Draining teas and cold/warm showers are ideal for prolonging the result.

The lymphatic system is extremely important for the immune system. Unlike the bloodstream, however, it is not closed – the fluid collects in its finest ramifications. In contrast to the heart, it cannot pump and if the flow is disturbed, swelling develops. So that it doesn’t come to that, the necessary impetus can be provided, for example, with sport, healthy nutrition and lymphatic drainage.

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