Lorena Castell records in Shein the most comfortable and chic Parisian style look ideal for short girls

Lorena Castell records in Shein the most comfortable and chic Parisian style look ideal for short girls +2023

Lorena Castell is experiencing a very sweet moment in her profession. Winner of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, the collaborator and television presenter has become one of the essential faces of Atresmedia after her good work on Zapeando, among other programs. The Catalan has become the ambassador of the new Shein ‘pop up store’ that has arrived in Madrid for Christmas and for the occasion she has chosen a total look from the brand that It is perfect for a Christmas celebration (or whatever) and to be comfortable and chic.

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“The important thing is where you’re going, who you’re meeting… And what you feel like that day. I like to combine something quite basic like jeans and a top with something oversized on top. Something that you look like in cute if you go to a party later but that your grandmother also likes it”, the presenter has told about her style. Lorena Castell has marked a look with a Parisian air in which she has combined a babydoll cardigan with jeans and elastic white ankle boots.

the french style is characterized by its simplicity, but always with a touch of sophistication. It is a quite casual style, we can say that it is minimalist but with very feminine points. All this is what brings together this look by Lorena Castell, which is also ideal for petite women due to its stylizing effect.

Lorraine Castell

Lorena Castell’s most beautiful and versatile Parisian look

What has fascinated us the most about this look by Lorena Castell are the many options it has. She is an outfit that she could include in that practical minimalism that we need daily but with many special details and that elevate the whole set to infinity and beyond.

Lorraine Castell

We file all the garments of Lorena Castell’s look in Shein

All the garments are from Shein (some discounted) and they all have a long life in the bottom of any woman’s wardrobe. It is elegant, yes, but at the same time it rejuvenates. That is why it is one of the best options for women over 40 both to go to work or to any Christmas event, and with jeans!

The cardigan is white and has a black bow at the neck. It has pearl buttons and lace details. Its fabric is ribbed and cropped, which stylizes the legs to the maximum. It is ideal with high-waisted pants and skirts, both tube, flared or boards…

Cardigan by Shein
Shein (sw2206163130451824), now €13.99

The jeans are the typical hunk effect that flatters all silhouettes. They are straight, with a very high shot and flared. They are ideal with heels if you are short like Lorena Castell and also with sneakers, which can be with platform.

Shein jeans
Shein (swpants04210323801), €24

The elastic white ankle boots also stylize the legs because they are second skin effect. White ankle boots are as versatile as black ones but more special. These gums look good with short, midi and long dresses, pants… Being tight they look good even with skinny pants. They are worth less than €30.

Shein white ankle boots
Shein (sx2210262775258889), €27.95
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