Jenna Ortega and Millie Bobby Brown Have Similar Claims for ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Stranger Things’ +2023

Jenna Ortega is supposed to Wednesday what Millie Bobby Brown is up to stranger things. Both actresses blew us away with their overwhelming talent at such a young age. Imagining either show without the respective actress is almost as awful as eating Thanksgiving turkey without the dressing, especially in the case of Jenna Ortega, whose real-life personality is synonymous with her character, Wednesday Addams. If we give you a pop quiz to ask which of Wednesday Addams and Jenna Ortega performed autopsies on small dead animals, chances are you’d be wrong.

Both Wednesday and stranger things are shows that redefined what it means to be a successful project for the streaming giant. and Wednesday even broke those stranger things record, which has been the most-watched show on Netflix for years. While there was no official confirmation, nobody doubts it at this point Wednesday will have a season 2 on Netflix. And if that’s the case, Jenna Ortega has a request very similar to Millie Bobby Brown’s.

What do top Netflix actresses Jenna Ortega and Millie Bobby Brown want?

Totally in tune with her inner goth girl, Jenna Ortega wants Season 2 of Wednesday to explore darker themes. Are we surprised? Already in the previous season it was about murder, a flesh-eating monster and some diggers. What it hasn’t covered, however, is the criminal injustice that Xavier Thorpe has faced, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that the 20-year-old Wednesday actress said “I think I want it to be more of an anti-hero stream than a typical hero.”

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Her expectations are very similar to those made by British actress Millie Bobby Brown during her PhD stranger things Season 4. Brown said, “We must be Game of Thrones” as reported by Nobel Borines.

The actress talked about how more in the upcoming season stranger things Characters should be killed. Not to mention, Brown also iconicly stated that she believes Eddie Murphy should have died on her Vanity Fair lie detector test. Although the requirements are not identical, the end product of both will result in a brilliant masterpiece. Fans are excited for the upcoming season of both shows.

Do you think Ortega and Brown’s wishes will come true? Let us know in the comments below.

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