“I’ve been busy with urgent matters…” – Blake Lively shared her deliciously busy schedule over the holiday season +2023

The Christmas season is the best season because of all the food, decorations, pleasant music and the presence of your loved ones. Celebrities also take a break during the season and spend time with their loved ones. For example, Christmas came early for Millie Bobby Brown as she shared a video of decorating the tree with boyfriend Jake Bongiovi and their pets. In the same way, Blake Lively shared them delicious appointment book during Thanksgiving on her Instagram.

That gossip girl Star is pregnant with fourth baby and looking forward to it. while she praised her husband, Ryan Reynolds, for being supportive All the time the actress made him and her children a delicious Thanksgiving meal. With interesting captions, she posted everything on her social media profile.

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Blake Lively cooked a delicious Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is the best way to show love and gratitude to your loved ones. It seems the Green Lantern The actress did the same for her husband and children cook delicious cakes and a great meal for them. She cooked three delicious cakes and shared this picture on her Instagram stories.

The first pie had a chocolate base with cut outs of leaf and acorn pie crust. Another cake had beautifully sliced ​​limes and the third was a desert decorated with fruits and nuts. If the sight made you leave “yummy”as they wrote In addition to the picture, it is completely understandable. The most amazing thing about Thanksgiving are the decorations you make. Lively decorated the table with Thanksgiving themed things and wrote: “Family made turkey pinecones ftw.”

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Although Lively wasn’t just about the cakes and candy. She also made a treat breakfast for her foodie friend, Stanley Tucci. He taught her how to do something a frittata and she introduced herself too her own recipe with tomatoes and lots of cheese. Her fans could feel her excitement for the holiday season as she began preparing for it over the month September.

Blake Lively, who has her sense of humor, posted with the caption Excuse me because you did not return the e-mails. as she wrote “I was busy with urgent matters…” Now we know which ones urgent matters she spoke of. Well, that’s how the actress spent her holiday season with her forth baby.

What do you think of Lively’s holiday preparations? How did you spend your vacation?

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