From Ryan Gosling to David Guetta, here are five celebrities who bear an odd resemblance to footballers +2023

They say that everyone has at least one double in the world. Among the many things that never grow old, one of them is the double. Doppelgangers are a common phenomenon as everyone has seen people who bear a strange resemblance to each other. And Hollywood is no exception. There has been a plethora of celebrities like Ryan Gosling who have many doubles.

It’s fascinating to see people who look like us or bear some resemblance to us, people who are completely independent and different. And aside from all the cameras and media, the celebs are people like us. Interestingly, there are a few stars who have look-alikes who are almost as popular and successful as them. From Ryan Gosling to David Guetta, here are a couple of celebrities who bear an odd resemblance to popular soccer stars.

The look-alikes of popular Hollywood stars in football: from Ryan Gosling to James Van Der Beek

There are a number of celebrities in Hollywood who have look-alikes, not among the general public, but among popular football players. First Hollywood celebrity to have a football double is this la la country Stern, Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling and Harry Kane

Ryan Gosling is an extremely popular face in Hollywood. Likewise, his doppelganger, renowned soccer player Harry Kane, is also a renowned personality. Both celebs have blonder hair. Also, both have an elongated nose, which makes them look even more alike.

David Alaba and Tyler, The Creator

Next we have popular singer Tyler the Creator who looks like a long-lost brother of David Alaba. Alaba is one of the most popular defenders playing for legendary club Real Madrid. Interestingly, the two could be related somewhere down the line as Tyler is similar, even Alaba’s dad is a rapper.

Karim Benzema and Shia LaBeouf

Adding to the list of Hollywood and football lookalikes are Karim Benzema and Eagle Eye actor Shia LaBeouf. Both icons have similar hair looks with each of them sporting the short hairstyle perfectly.

Luka Modric and David Guetta

Next on the list is musician David Guetta, who would confuse everyone if put in a room with Luka Modric. The Real Madrid star is 18 years older than Guetta but the resemblance they share is insane.

Joe Hart and James Van Der Beek

Finally, we have American actor James Van Der Beek and goalkeeper Joe Hart, who could easily replace Beek without anyone noticing. However, the only difference is their height. While Beek is 6′ tall, Hart stands at 6’4.

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