Five up-dos that take years off and are cool to show off stylish hair during the holidays +2023

Now that we have a lot of parties ahead of us, What we most want is to give a different touch to our hairsince we are at that point of looking for cool hairstyles with which to enhance our looks and to be able to make us look jovial.

These are the highlights that rejuvenate dull hair and provide extra volume

On the one hand, we are super clear that the collected ones triumph and even the simplest and most classic bow. But on the other hand, what we want is something different and to get out of our comfort zone. Therefore, this time we have sought five hairstyles with which to feel super pretty and give us a plus of style.

This is one of the 2000-inspired updos that we have seen the most this year, and we love it because conjugate a ballerina bow with two braided locks framing the face. The result is fresh and attractive, and for partying it is an option to keep in mind.

a knotted ponytail

Do not lose sight of the original collection of Olivia Palermo. It is ideal to wear your hair up in a different and very attractive way. From the front it looks like a simple up-do with a few loose strands, but from behind it is a ponytail that is tied on itself and it is left loose so that the entire structure of the updo can be appreciated well. The forks will be basic so that the result lasts intact as long as it takes.

Wet effect and marking waves

It has been to see this collection of Camila Cabello and we have quickly moved to the 90s, where the collected ones had this tall and casual Pretty Woman style. In the case of Camila, her version is with a wet effect to mark the waves and achieve a more relaxed result. To achieve this, all you have to do is work the hair with a curling iron beforehand and spray a spray with a wet result.

italian chignon

This updo is much more than an Italian bow. It has the base of the famous Italian bun but in a much more modern version. On the one hand the finish is wet and on the other hand frames her face with a super thick lock of hair, which goes to the side and rises with a soft wave from the root. This is how a more modern and sophisticated roll is achieved.

bangs and bouffant

Curtain bangs are very sexy and look great with a lot of hairstyles, plus they take years off. Like this relaxed knotted updo, which is accompanied by a brushing that provides volume and that attractive seventies touch. Carding with a fixed comb and fixing with hairspray will be the key.

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