Did Nicole Kidman just bid a whopping $100,000 for Hugh Jackman’s hat?


Did Nicole Kidman just bid a whopping $100,000 for Hugh Jackman’s hat? +2023

Nicole Kidman showed her generosity with a big gesture. The actress has been friends with Hugh Jackman for a long time and both celebrities have grown tremendously in the industry over the years. Both are the most famous Australian actors: Kidman was born in Hawaii to Australian parents while Jackman is from Sydney. They even played the main characters in the 2008 film Australia.

Jackman recently capitalized on a comeback as Wolverine in Dead Pool, while also managing a game on the site. His Broadway play the music man will be performing through January, earning up to $2-3 million every week they perform. They also donate a portion of their profits to charity. But when Kidman upped her price during the play’s charity auction, everyone was shocked.

How Nicole Kidman shocked everyone when she gave $100,000 for Hugh Jackman’s hat during an auction

Celebrities are known for their generosity and for giving money to charity. But Nicole Kidman also set new standards for celebrities with her gesture. she bid whopping $100,000 for Hugh Jackman’s hat after his performance for his musical, the music man The auction was held for Broadway Cares charity Equity Fights Aids. Her announcement left everyone in shock, while Jackman jokingly reminded them these weren’t Australian dollars.

That eyes wide closed The actress replied: “I love you. I love Broadway. And I love what they do, Broadway Cares, but I also want to say that this show is exceptional.” The performance took place at the Winter Garden Theater, where the music man Stern responded by saying, “You are a beautiful person. I love you. Thank you for your generosity.Referring to Nicole as “Nick,” he revealed he’s known her for 30 years and is keenly aware of what a beautiful soul she is.

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One of the few examples of long-lasting friendships in Hollywood, both A-list actors have supported each other over time.

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