Barley grass powder: is the trend for fuller hair?

Barley grass powder: is the trend for fuller hair? +2023

barley grass hair Full and healthy hair thanks to barley grass?

Green barley grass and barley grass powder, barley grass hair

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Can Barley Grass Regrow Hair Faster and Thicker? We took a closer look at the dietary supplement and will explain it to you.

Barley grass is supposed to ensure a healthy and strong mane and even help against hair loss. But what can the dietary supplement really do, how do you take barley grass and which products with barley grass are recommended? Here you will find all information about the alleged superfood.

What is barley grass?

Barley is a type of grain and belongs to the genus of sweet grasses. The young barley plants are called barley grass, before they bear ears of corn. The light green culms have a high nutrient content and are harvested, dried and processed into powder. The barley grass powder can be taken either directly or in capsule or tablet form.

What is the effect of barley grass?

Found in barley grass lots of vitamins and minerals, for example vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E and K as well as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium as well as the plant pigment chlorophyll. Due to the high nutrient density, preparations with barley grass are said to have the following advantages:

  • barley grass is basic and should bring the acid-base balance into balance.
  • Barley grass provides thanks fiber content for a feeling of satiety and inhibits the desire for sweets.
  • Barley grass is supposed to thanks antioxidants protect skin and hair.
  • Barley grass should den cholesterol levels and thus reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Barley grass should den cell structure stimulate the intestines and contribute to normal digestion.

Does barley grass help with hair loss?

There are many reports on the Internet about the positive influence of barley grass on hair growth. To date there are none scientific studieswhich prove the influence of barley grass on hair growth, but many women report fuller hair after a few months of consistent use.

If the cause of your hair loss is a nutrient or vitamin deficiency, you can counteract this with the help of barley grass, because the many it contains Vitamins and nutrients can contribute to healthy hair growth. Make sure you eat a healthy and varied diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, if you have hereditary hair loss or an underlying disease, you cannot expect miracles from barley grass. In any case, you should have the cause of your hair loss clarified by a doctor.

In this video, Paula reports on her experiences with barley grass:

Application: How do I take barley grass?

A recommendation for the dosage is usually included with the individual barley grass products. Basically you can spread over the day up to three Tetablespoon barley grass powder take, for example in the morning, at noon and in the evening with meals. Barley grass powder should always be taken with plenty of liquid, preferably 150 milliliters per teaspoon. You can either add the powder to a glass of water or mix it with juice, tea or smoothies.

If you don’t like the strong, grassy taste, you can also use barley grass as a capsule or tablet take in. When it comes to dosing, pay attention to the information provided by the supplier and it is best to consume the tablets with meals and also with plenty of liquid. Basically, it makes sense to start with a small dose of barley grass and slowly increase it to see how the body reacts. Practical: Some tablets or capsules contain other superfood extracts or vitamins in addition to barley grass.

Buy barley grass products

Whether barley grass powder, barley grass capsules or barley grass tablets: you can find barley grass products in drugstores, health food stores or simply online. Pay attention to high quality barley grass products in good (organic) quality. We recommend the following barley grass supplements.

Organic barley grass powder

The Barley Grass Powder by Natural Elements comes from a certified organic plantation in Germany. The powder does not contain any additives, it is vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, without preservatives and is checked for pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological impurities by an independent laboratory. You can take up to three teaspoons (15g) daily, e.g. B. stirred into smoothies or juices.

Barley Grass Capsules

The barley grass that is in the Capsules from Nature Love is processed comes from controlled organic cultivation in Germany. The barley grass is processed gently and is free of aromas, colorings and unwanted stabilizers, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. Each individual production batch is tested by an independent German laboratory. One can contains 180 capsules. Nature Love recommends taking three capsules daily with plenty of water.

barley grass tablets

The barley grass tablets (also called pellets) contain not only 70% barley grass but also 30% spirulina, a microalgae also with a very high nutrient content. No pesticides are used during cultivation and no artificial additives are added during production. The tablets are also suitable for a vegan diet. According to the manufacturer, you can take three tablets three times a day.

Barley Grass Seeds

Barley grass that you grow yourself is fresh and unpolluted. To grow the culms yourself, simply use untreated ones barley grains (preferably organic) and plant them in a pot with soil. Always keep the soil slightly moist, then the barley will germinate after a few days. The barley sprouts are characterized by a sweet and nutty taste and are ideal for smoothies, salads or dips.

Barley Grass Side Effects

  • Basically is barley grass well tolerated.
  • If you too much barley grass you eat, you may experience diarrhea, abdominal pain, or nausea. So stick to the recommended dosage and start with a small dose that you slowly increase.
  • If you are in one allergy are suffering, an allergic reaction can occur, which is noticeable by severe tingling in the mouth and throat area. In this case, you should stop consuming barley grass and consult a doctor.
  • According to a report from the consumer advice center, barley grass products can be included pathogens be contaminated if the raw material has not been adequately treated (e.g. through sufficient heating). Under certain storage conditions, these pathogens can multiply. You should therefore store barley grass in a dry and cool place and not near the cooking area.

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